Reviews For Stardust Girl

2012.07.12 - 11:52PM
1: Rose and the Other Doctor

This story blows me away. So disturbing. So COMPELLING.

2011.05.25 - 04:01AM
1: Rose and the Other Doctor

I wasn't going to read this at first, but I'm glad I did!!! It was dark and wikkid and something totally unexpected!!! WELL DONE!!!

2011.04.12 - 01:54PM
1: Rose and the Other Doctor

Oh. My. God. D:

It sounds to me like Rose is becoming the alt!universe's answer to the Master. She even hears the drums...

Brilliantly done!

2010.12.18 - 06:40AM
1: Rose and the Other Doctor

I found your story through the rec on Calufrax and read it last night. It stayed with me all night long and I woke up thinking about it. It was very well written and absolutely terrifying. You did a magnificent job.

2010.09.01 - 04:15AM
1: Rose and the Other Doctor

*Gasps* This story was chilling to the core, I swear, a shiver ran up my spine just reading it. Horror is the PERFECT category for this - the only thing that can really terrify the Doctor the way some people are scared of the vampire/zombie mix is something like this. Your portrayal of what COULD be is absolutely perfect, especially since no one seems to remember that Bad Wolf commited genocide on that station, and isn't all nice and golden and about to bring Rose back to her Doctor. I would argue that Rose could, in extreme circumstances, become someone like this, especially if she loses control. She's one of the first companions who was perfectly willing to and did kill for the Doctor... And the human Doctor was a wonderful mixture of the Doctors that Rose knew before. Ten, trying to save her despite everything - and he does have a precedent with the Master, which is why I loved your portrayal so much - and Nine, a wounded old soldier he becomes. Your last paragraphs described him perfectly, with a dash of philosophy on the nature of human nature XD, but also that part about how, in some ways, the human doctor, at least, will never be able to shake her off.

"(Except he always will be.)" = so sad, so twisted out of its meaning if it weren't in this context.

I loved that last line, in particular - it's just utterly haunting.

As much as I hated reading this, I absolutely adored it too. Before reading this, I pondered a fic where Rose went insane and the universe suffered and Doctor had to kill her, but this one is so much better. Utterly original take, utterly wonderful look at the road not taken (or at least I hope it isn't...) Honestly, the only way this could be more beautifully twisted is if the Master somehow made it to the universe and met Rose.

Either way, I hope you decide to write a sequel.

2010.08.19 - 07:32PM
1: Rose and the Other Doctor

Wow... Just wow. This was heartbreaking and absolutely terrifying. I loved this, I love the Doctor and Rose and his heartbreak, and I love Jack unbound by his better nature. This is an epic and powerful story that just blew my mind! I'll never look at Rose the same way again. Wow. WOW!

2009.05.20 - 09:06PM
1: Rose and the Other Doctor

I sort of stumbled upon this fic, and just finished re-reading it.

At first I was totally repelled by Rose's insanity and actions, but somehow couldn't stop reading. It made sense, at the end; Bad Wolf had consumed loving Rose, and left this ... creature ... that was totally inhuman, in her place. Still gives me shivers, the horrible, horrible things she did to Ten II and had done to him. I was SO glad that he snapped that evil!alt!Jack's neck, though!!

Hope you do follow through on a sequel; I'll go rummage through your other stories & see if you have!


2009.04.17 - 01:53PM
1: Rose and the Other Doctor

This leaves me speechless. It's a brilliant idea, perfectly executed.

2009.03.30 - 04:14AM
1: Rose and the Other Doctor

Ok, for starters, that last paragraph was enough to make me literally gasp at my computer. Extraordinary idea in itself; I dread to think where that came from, but it worked. Secondly, you handled it perfectly. Rose was Rose-and-yet-not-Rose and it worked, so there were still shadows of the old Rose in the new Rose. Your 10.5 was perfect, pretty much 9 at the end (oncoming storm-wise) and 10 when he's vulnerable. Beautiful mix. And finally, Jack was bloody terrifying, that was enough to set every nerve on edge and then some. *shivers* enough to give you nightmares, is dark!Jack. I damn well hope there's a sequel and more stuff from you, you're a terrific writer, and I'm totally hooked! xx

2009.03.21 - 06:36PM
1: Rose and the Other Doctor

Terrifying. Beautiful. Stupendous. There simply aren't words, aren't any at all. I was completely unable to step away from the computer until this was done, because it *is* so unique and so amazingly frighteningly heartbreaking. Your insane Rose is spot-on, and I felt so sorry for your 10.5. Gorgeous, well-written, amazing story. Well done!

Author's Response: Thank you very much, RGRoberts. I\'m glad you enjoyed it so intensely. lol I have to admit it was tough writing it, but readers\' happiness makes it worth it. Cheers!

2009.03.21 - 02:48PM
1: Rose and the Other Doctor

Wow. I do absolutely love could we not, it is still him in all the ways that count. That was fascinating and heart wrenching and intense and just so utterly disturbing that it was wonderful. The Doctor's character was absolutely perfect, so so the Doctor until the moment when he escaped and then he was the man that the Doctor wished Rose could fix.

Rose was so mad and so frightening. She could have been happy, they could have helped each other, she could have thought about why the Doctor left this specific version with her...

Poor them.

A sequel would be absolutely brilliant!! :D

BTW, love what you did with Jack, painful to see, but loved it.

Author's Response: Surprisingly enough, I do have a sequel planned. ^_^

2009.03.21 - 02:58AM
1: Rose and the Other Doctor

This was really a fascinating read. Rose, finally corrupted by the Time Vortex, goes completely insane with the power of what she saw as Bad Wolf. The parallels between Rose and the Master were so incredibly strong to the extent that I thought at one point he'd somehow managed to inhabit her. And evil!Jack was frightening. He reminded me very much of Captain Hart, really, a man with far fewer morals than our Jack.

As disturbing as the concept is to my poor little shipper heart, and how much it ached to see them so broken apart by Rose's madness, it was very well executed and I enjoyed your writing style very much. Hope to see more from you.

Author's Response: Thank you. That\'s very encouraging to hear from a long time Doctor Who fan. I\'m only a two-year fan I\'m afraid, but struggling along through the plot bunnies nevertheless. I\'m hoping to manage a muliti-chaptered sequel some time soon, because I love Doctor Duplicate stories. ^_^ I love your stories BTW. And thank you again.

2009.03.20 - 04:18PM
1: Rose and the Other Doctor

Interesting story.