2010.07.09 - 12:37PM
1: Chapter 1

This is terrific! LOL!

2009.05.18 - 08:22PM
1: Chapter 1

Unexpected!Ten had me in stitches.

2009.04.22 - 02:09AM
1: Chapter 1

This is made of SO MUCH WIN!!!! Unexpected!Ten had me giggling. Tying tin cans to the TARDIS! And the ending was great. I can just picture him, looking from the handkerchief to where the TARDIS was and back again, as if it suddenly won't have happened.

2009.03.12 - 10:13AM
1: Chapter 1

That was pretty good. I figured it was 10 but who does he get to marry?!

2009.03.12 - 09:46AM
1: Chapter 1

LOL. That was great.
I didn't think of a wedding, but having 10 show up to be the best man... just too good. :-D
Now... who would he end up with? - And could you imagine - 9 in his place... *snickers*

2009.03.12 - 09:43AM
1: Chapter 1

pffffffttt ahahaha! Lovely! Very very amusing. Still giggling...Mostly because I can oddly see this happening, though poor Zoe is left behind! :( Oh well, she gets the companionship of Mr. Smith, so it's all ok.
And I loved the explanation of how a civil partnership is different than marriage: Well, it--it has a different name! *snort* Good one ,Two.