2010.06.15 - 07:41AM
1: Chapter 1

Because of your stories I looked up Neopets... looks like fun. Will Dr Sloth join forces with The Master or the Daleks and take on Dr 'Who-odie'? (Bad pun, I know, but couldn't resist it).

Author's Response: Um, they might! That gives me an idea for a crack!fic. Oh, maybe it could be the Doctor\'s dream! Thanks for the idea!

2009.06.03 - 04:55PM
1: Chapter 1

I liked the title, that drew me in. I'm a sucker for stories where nothing happens. Oh I forgot, only I write those. Anyway, I know not what neopets are, but these fics are just the right length for my poor eyes so I may keep going.

This review is probably longer than the story.

Author's Response: Hehe, thanks MG! Neopets is an online game created by Brits Adam Powell and Donna Williams ten years ago in \'99.

2009.03.13 - 11:22PM
2: Chapter 2

I have such an insane urge to draw these Boris... hmm, maybe when my coursework lets up!

Author's Response: What Boris? The Doctor and Romana regenerated as Neopets?

Author's Response: I get it. Go for it!

2009.03.11 - 08:53PM
1: Chapter 1

Ew, that's stinky about your non-working neomail. Thanks for answering the question though :) cute fic, though perhaps it could be expanded a bit? Oddly, I have always associated Bori with Romana ??

Author's Response: OK, I guess I could do it. I\'ll try.

Author's Response: You associate Bori w/ Romana??? Odd...I like Bori and Romana too.