Reviews For Rascals

2009.10.02 - 03:19PM
1: Voodoo Child 96b

Okay, this story was rather dangerous to read at work. Several times, I almost burst out laughing (which would’ve ruined the illusion that I was actually working) and at another point, I nearly choked on my gum (which helped with the stifling of laughter. And air.) I nearly died from the cute here.

Author's Response: I\'ve been told that I should use a NSFW warning solely for the weird telltale noises my readers tend to find themselves making... :)

2009.09.13 - 03:34AM
1: Voodoo Child 96b

Hee! That is so very wrong and so very brilliant! I nearly choked trying not to wake up my roommate by laughing too loudly at this bit:

"Why is there a bottle of whisky in the creche?"

"Erm, yeah, I can explain that one," Owen said, raising a sheepish little hand. "Well, no, I can't, but trust me, it made perfect sense at the time."

"We are the worst parents ever," Jack said.

Also loved Jack's line at the end that this isn't the normal sort of find your pants party.

Author's Response: I still haven\'t figured out how that bottle got there either. I think Muse may be hiding out up there herself...

2009.03.10 - 01:12PM
1: Voodoo Child 96b

Kid!Fic. And you actually made it cute! Eeeeek! (Bloody Torchwood, indeed :D)

Author's Response: The secret is that the adult-minds-inside part tips it just that little bit towards Horror as opposed to out-and-out Candyfloss... ;)

2009.03.10 - 09:59AM
1: Voodoo Child 96b

Oh -- as I love Torchwood Babiez, although a bit confusing I liked this much, especially Owen as a foul mouth five year old.

Author's Response: Yeah, it\'s a little hard to make a standalone work in the middle of a bigger AU, but I figured Wee!Foul!Owen would be enough of a distraction to let me pull it off. ;)

2009.03.09 - 09:57PM
1: Voodoo Child 96b

Two things"

1. "several relationships have progressed to the point of producing spawn" don't you think that is a little deceptive for those who have not been following along? I mean considering that by my count there are currently seven kids in the creche and the Doctor has a bun in the oven?

2. The importance of those wedding rings to the persons involved is one of the sweetest things in the whole series.

Author's Response: It came down to what was going to be the least confusing to those jumping in midstream, and since the specifics about their kids beyond that \"some exist\" was the least relevant detail to what\'s actually going on in this fic itself, it seemed better to let it be a background nuance for the die-hards to pick up on rather than trying to shoehorn it in. {sigh} And yeah, Tosh and Owen\'s marriage fascinates me the way Muse has been relaying it, the way it\'s clearly not some Grand Dramatic Passion to either of them but it\'s still a focal point in their lives...

2009.03.09 - 09:31PM
1: Voodoo Child 96b

I can't choose a favorite line. There was so much win in here.

Author's Response: *bows* Any time you find yourself warning for kid!fic AND bondage, you know you\'ve either got Win, or a very strange lawsuit... ;)

2009.03.09 - 09:23PM
1: Voodoo Child 96b

Ahhh.. my only regret is that the Doctor wasn't there to see it...was prolly too busy barfing. HEH HEH HEH.

Will we get some of THOSe deleted scenese ,too? PWEEZE?

Author's Response: Heh, you should only see the cutting-room floor around here... >;)

2009.03.09 - 09:05PM
1: Voodoo Child 96b

This was just absolutely fantastic on so many levels!
Funny, adorable as hell, really touching, cute, and I really, really want to know about the lemur incident now!
Oh, the bit with the wedding rings! :D

Author's Response: I want to know what the REST of them turned into... Wait, no, I don\'t. ;)

2009.03.09 - 08:09PM
1: Voodoo Child 96b

That............was brilliant! But poor Ianto! hee hee.

Author's Response: Yeah, there were two ways Muse could go with that when she decided Owen was going to be five, so NATURALLY she picked the one that was less convenient for Ianto... :)