Reviews For Life So Far

2009.09.01 - 02:25PM
1: memories...

Awesome! It sounds beautiful.

2009.03.10 - 10:38AM
1: memories...

Nicely done picec - you so rarely see things from Two's point of view, this was a treat to find. All the timeline/ending/not ending confusion that naturally follows him around in a little cloud was well dealt with and I enjoyed the explanations you came up with for some of the odd bits.

Author's Response: \"confusion that naturally follows him around in a little cloud\" gave me a laugh--now I\'ve got that picture in my head...anyway, thanks for your review! It is true that there isn\'t much fic from Two\'s POV, but I\'ll bet of all the Doctors he\'s got the most slash fic..(a non-fan would be like WHY?! but the rest of us understand...)

2009.03.03 - 05:41AM
1: memories...

Nice little piece :)
Also The Two Doctors are not necessarily set before The Five Doctors there is the whole theory of season 6b (although that isn't compatible with this story) and there can be several other explanations from a simple name switch because the Doctor is preoccupied to the time paradox plays with his mind to a planned visit to Victoria later on in the series...

Anyway thanks for sharing the story.

Author's Response: Yeah, I was trying to come up with a possible canon not including season 6b because I happen to like (ok, not like but accept) the ending of War Games as it is. I think I\'m just a sucker for sad endings. Anyway, thanks for reviewing!

2009.03.02 - 11:32PM
1: memories...

First one was "Three Doctors, with 1, 2 and 3." Yes?
Second one was -- Five Doctors, with 1 through 5 (minus 4, because he got caught in a loop, or some such)
Third one... "Two Doctors" with 2 and 6. Did you know there's a transcript of that episode on the web? under the 6th Doctor's episodes. Not the best of stories, but nice to know what happened there. And after reading it you might think that number 2 wanted to forget (also it took place before Five Doctors in 2's personal timeline if the references to Victoria are correct).
All in all though, this was well thought out. I very much enjoyed it.

Author's Response: hm, yes, I chose to ignore the reference to Victoria, although I\'m not sure why.