2009.12.04 - 03:04PM
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Oh, you did! And it's as good as the other. Well, thank goodness, that's all all right now. ;-)

2009.04.29 - 10:43AM
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I can't believe this only has one review. I love the premise of this -- surely someone would notice that Zoe's aged a whole year in a matter of moments? And she deserves to remember; thanks for sharing this!

Author's Response: It\'s nice to have a review for an older story, so thanks for this. It\'s still a favourite of mine.

2006.11.21 - 07:29PM
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Being from the future, things were easier for Zoe to figure out and accept once she'd realised something was amiss. And as the Doctor did admit, she's almost as clever as he is. It is nice that he's wrapping up the loose ends.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review on this one.