2013.07.11 - 11:44PM
1: It Will Be As If I Never Existed.

DAMN, FRIN! That's rough...

Author's Response: Sorry, just have to go where the muse takes me... thanks for catching up with some of my contributions... means a great deal to me!! XXX

2009.02.21 - 07:52PM
1: It Will Be As If I Never Existed.

Holy crap. That's dark, man. That last line!

Author's Response: Sometimes you find yourself in a dark place and there\'s only one way to come out of it...fighting!!!

2009.02.21 - 06:02PM
1: It Will Be As If I Never Existed.

Wow, Frin! The anger and the bitterness just drip from this. I personally wasn't that angry at 10 at the end of JE, just felt sorry for the idiot. After reading this though, I felt the anger rising in me. Gonna have to go read some fluffy smut to get me outta this mood! Really well done Frin!

Author's Response: I\'m sorry that I made you angry...it\'s just that I think she might have been quite upset after all that effort to get back to him. He didn\'t even ask her!! Always deciding for her!! Stupid man!! Thankyou!!!

2009.02.19 - 08:43PM
1: It Will Be As If I Never Existed.

Wow. That is poetry, right there. Just wow. Bitter much, Rose?

I really like some of the lines you have used her to show her resentment though, it's extremely powerful. Awesome work.

Author's Response: Thankyou so much...I have wallpaper that I downloaded off someone\'s story and it is a collage of Journeys End...anyway there is a picture of a serious, sad, angry Rose right in the middle of it...that is where this came from!!!

2009.02.19 - 11:42AM
1: It Will Be As If I Never Existed.

This is why I hate being away from my laptop; I miss all the jewels of fanfiction! Sorry this is so late, but it's absolutely brilliant, as ever. You really have a knack for the angsty stuff, as well as the light fluff. Rose has a right to feel this vindictive, and the Doctor shouldn't be so dim. Lovely, and I hope there is more Frin!fic coming up soon!

Author's Response: I did wonder what happened to you!! Thanks...this seems to have struck a few nerves...we play around with all possibilities, don\'t we? XX

2009.02.19 - 02:05AM
1: It Will Be As If I Never Existed.

Arrrggghhh, he really is so very dense sometimes... I can't even spell the noises you're making me make with your poem... such bitterness... 'forever' indeed. xx

Author's Response: Thankyou, Vicky...it sometimes needs to be said!! XX

2009.02.18 - 09:47PM
1: It Will Be As If I Never Existed.

Wow!! An incredibly powerful poem that scorches with its disbelief, anger, and pain. A cry from Rose's heart and soul that should not and could not be ignored. Thank you for writing and sharing.

Author's Response: Really, you are too kind...I do think there was anger there...and bisbelief...and pain...thankyou so much for reading and reviewing!!!

2009.02.18 - 12:43AM
1: It Will Be As If I Never Existed.

Oh Frin - that was superb. The anger really jumps out and grabs you. That is so spot on.
You have really outdone yourself this time.

Author's Response: Thanks reewees...this little piece slipped inside my head and was done in less than ten minutes!! Angst is very cleansing...now on to other things...!!!XXX

2009.02.17 - 10:23PM
1: It Will Be As If I Never Existed.

Good heavens, Frin! Angry much? You must have just rewatched Journey's End. This was how mad I was at Ten the first time. I loved it though. *smiles* It was incredibly moving and Rose's anger just leapt right off the page. Really well written.

Author's Response: I think she was angry though. She did the impossible and he still just walked away without looking back, without saying goodbye...oh dear!! I\'m still angry at him!!Thankyou so much. Frin hangs head in shame for repeatedly watching episodes that hurt!! XX

2009.02.17 - 08:27PM
1: It Will Be As If I Never Existed.

oh this is one of the best things you've ever done. So much anger - I felt bad for the Doctor for a minute, then realized he would be getting what he deserved.

Author's Response: Stupid, stupid Timelord!! What he go and do a thing like that for?!!!! Even if she didn\'t punish him and just got on with her lot, he will be doing this to himself deep, deep down!! Thanks for the lovely comment! XX

2009.02.17 - 07:57PM
1: It Will Be As If I Never Existed.

Hell hath no fury......

"I will punish you with him.
Every picture you imagine will be exact and true." Brilliant.

This was so great. I love the use of repeated words it gives lots of pace.

I felt Roses anger and betrayal in every word. Fabulous.

Author's Response: This...coming from you...means alot!! Thankyou so much!! I think I\'ve been reading too much of your anxiety stuff and something rubbed off!! XX