Reviews For Tonight

2009.12.14 - 09:53PM
1: Chapter 1

Fascinating followup to the other story. I like how you have him work through his fears here. (And not just with the sex.) Great job!

Author's Response: There were/are some issues left for Jack to deal with, and I tried to work out a few here. Thank you!

2009.08.19 - 04:07PM
3: Chapter 3

well, well, well even in the life of JH there comes a time when he can't...So why do all the other guys worry so much about it?

Author's Response: He\'ll get it back, eventually.

2009.02.10 - 11:10PM
5: Chapter 5

Will you believe my internet went down just berfore I got to Chapter 5?

Each of the previous 4 are beautiful in their own way.

As for Chapter 5, all I can say is....

I'll be in my bunk.

Author's Response: Happy nap time....

2009.02.10 - 05:23PM
5: Chapter 5


Author's Response: thank you for reading :)

2009.02.10 - 05:15PM
3: Chapter 3

Grr if Alex weren't dead I'd want to kill him

2009.02.10 - 05:08PM
2: Chapter 2

But does Jack really know what Ianto needs?

Author's Response: Not quite...