2009.09.23 - 02:19PM
3: Part Three - Searching for Hope

Ohh I hope they hurry :D

2009.08.26 - 01:15AM
3: Part Three - Searching for Hope

Oh! This is wonderful, wonderful fic, and then it just stops. It's sad when that happens (not that I haven't been guilty of the same). So I'll write a review, that's what I'll do, saying that this is marvelous, I like the alien culture you've set up, I simply love your poor babbly Ten, and I'm really curious to see how he manages to get his way out of this one.

2009.04.21 - 02:19AM
3: Part Three - Searching for Hope

I have very selfishly read your fics in the past without leaving a review- this is something that I will have to rectify :) Upon seeing that you had published an ALL NEW H/C BANANZA OF JOY I decided to put my neglectful days behind me, register and get reviewing.

The detail that you put into your fics, from characterisation to plot to surroundings is always a joy to read. Your planet, the intrigue and the way that our heroes have found themselves thrown into the midst of a disaster are all perfect elements for some good, deep angst in your case :D

Looking forward to reading more! xXx

2009.04.12 - 02:14AM
3: Part Three - Searching for Hope

Oh my. I really shouldn't be thinking that head injury!Doctor is cute, should I? But, he's just so adorable when he babbles!

2009.02.11 - 08:19AM
3: Part Three - Searching for Hope

Yay, "Doctor whump" has started! I love your "Doctor whump." And you've got them hurt and trapped in a very inventive situation. Nice job getting the reader to like Avia by having the Doctor like Avia. I'm glad we already know that Rose and Jack are indeed on the way!