Reviews For BETRAYAL

2009.01.21 - 12:08AM
1: Chapter 1

I really enjoyed this. It was thoughtful and well-written. I've a soft spot for Lucy and to see such a compassionate portrayal of her is a pleasant surprise. I'm so glad you stayed away from the evil-but-the-Doctor-came-and-I've-had-an-epiphany run of the mill Lucy fics, well done!

Author's Response: Oh my gosh - one one and only review for my story and I\'ve never responded! I am so sorry - I didn\'t realise there was one TBH so please don\'t think me terribly rude. I hope you\'re still around on Teaspoon to read this, since it\'s approaching two years now! *is totally embarrassed* TBH, wondering what made Lucy tick is really what got me into writing DW fanfic! I understand why her character wasn\'t given more screen time or much of a backstory (not enough time etc etc) but I came away wanting to know more. And when it became obvious that we wouldn\'t get anything canon (I had hopes of that when news of her return in TEOT came out but alas t\'was not to be) I decided to write my own, LOL. I\'m very pleased that you enjoyed it. You might perhaps like to peruse my LJ or my website for more Master fic .... I have written more about Lucy here, too: . The Master Chronicles includes \'Betrayed\' as a chapter of a larger story rather than the original stand-alone. \'The Master Returns\' was another story told mainly from Lucy\'s POV and was the second story I ever wrote. I really wish they hadn\'t killed her off in TEOT... I\'ve had the vague idea of writing an AU fic in which she survives (well, who\'s to say she didn\'t in TEOT I suppose, but the implication (Abigail Naismith\'s \"Someone survived? D\'you think it\'s him?\") was that the Master was the only survivor when Broadfell was destroyed by his botched resurrection) but I\'ve had too many other fics on the go to really give it more than a passing thought so far. Thanks for commenting, anyway - much appreciated, I assure you!