Reviews For Eleveniness

2011.04.18 - 07:34AM
1: Eleveniness

"...a characteristic of Gallifreyans which was always true but which we had never, ever heard about before." Brilliant!

Author's Response: Why thanks...

2010.05.31 - 01:05PM
1: Eleveniness

Well, how different is fish fingers and custard from a radish covered in a digestive syrup secreted from his armpit?

Author's Response: My thoughts precisely!

2010.05.31 - 01:05PM
1: Eleveniness

Well, how different is fish fingers and custard from a radish covered in a digestive syrup secreted from his armpit?

2009.09.26 - 10:47AM
1: Eleveniness

Ha! Liked this one even better than the Generic 11 fic! Very amusing, especially the end.

Author's Response: Why thank you!

2009.07.18 - 07:30PM
1: Eleveniness

The second of your stories I've read in the past 10 minutes. Easily the best 10 minutes of my day.

Author's Response: This is the best minute of my day too! Thanks!

2009.06.06 - 11:22AM
1: Eleveniness

*falls off chair giggling*

Normal service will be resumed later.

Author's Response: Oh, remarks like these are good to hear. thanks!

2009.05.24 - 09:12PM
1: Eleveniness


LOL. Let's hope Mr. Matt Smith doesn't play Eleven as insanely as you put it.


Author's Response: Certainly... and now I have 11 reviews here!

2009.04.01 - 07:30AM
1: Eleveniness

"My Nose is a Pincushion!" The new Brilliant/Fantastic. It has to be! I'm going to be yelling at the telebox when he appears...

This, and the Jelly Babies I have just eaten, have made my day. I thank you.

Author's Response: I want everyone to yell that for no justifiable reason. Thanks very, very much.

2009.02.12 - 11:10PM
1: Eleveniness

I REALLY REALLY hope if the 11th Doctor is anything like that, he will regenerate... Immediately. Interesting choice of random bits to put together though, and made me laugh :)

Author's Response: I\'m glad and thank you...

2009.02.06 - 06:55PM
1: Eleveniness least he wasn't Emo?? :D

Author's Response: Someone will have to explain what \"emo\" means to me someday. It must have to do with angstiness.

2009.01.30 - 05:49PM
1: Eleveniness

Ah, indeed... Not only is this funny buy very, very true; even if you do not get the specifics right, I fear we may well see some of this kind of thing when Eleven finally emerges upon our screens... For some reason, I am kind of reminded of Six and his early shenanigans; of course, in twenty or thirty years' time (if we're still here!), we'll look back on it all and say it's part of the charm...

Author's Response: thanks much, jjpor...I just remembered that I did this sort of thing with Eccleston before he debuted, too... We may just be running out of looks and characteristics for new Doctors.

2009.01.20 - 10:44PM
1: Eleveniness

Ha! Okay, you've official put my irrational hatred of Matt Smith into perspective. :P Unless, of course, all this turns out to be true.

Author's Response: Thanks... the DW club I was in did a Colin parody pre-Colin, predicting accurately the worst-taste-possible coat, never dreaming it would be the truth!

2009.01.20 - 08:11AM
1: Eleveniness

Although a weeish bit on the grody side, this was too funny, I first saw it the other day and meant to read it, don't know how I got distracted. My absolute favourite bit is at the end, as he attempts to remedy the "awkward social situation between himself and the cosmos" that just made the story, you've a gift for understatement and subtlety that screams louder than the obviously funny bits.

Author's Response: Whovian42... this was very, very good to hear, thanks. lists as a synonym for \"grody\" (a Hard-Day\'s-Night-ism I think): \"yukky\". I lived long enough to see \"yukky\" in the dictionary. Am I rambling? Anyway, you gave me a lift tonight...

2009.01.16 - 07:37PM
1: Eleveniness

Thank for injecting a modicum of humour into my screeching despair. And the conclusion is an excellent one. I'm sure the Tardis would provide a sledgehammer. Gladly.

Author's Response: Just think, I may be a prophet and I may have the Eleventh exactly right! That would be you with the screeching despair again, wouldn\'t it...?

2009.01.15 - 04:12PM
1: Eleveniness

Lol, this is so funny. =]
Thanks for making me laugh. xD

Author's Response: Thanks for the thanks...