Reviews For Both

2022.01.30 - 02:39AM
6: Part VI

Gorgeous and so very sad. So well written that I ached for the three of them.

2016.03.28 - 09:04AM
6: Part VI

This is the second time I've read this fic and I cry every time. Very well written. Loved the ending

2015.11.20 - 05:35PM
6: Part VI

hi, I read this some time ago, so I've just coming back to leave you some compliments! :) So very well written, a good composition along the chapters. And... because i'm not a good one in remembering to leave a comment every time i read a good story, I take this opportunity to tell you I generally like very much your stories, also if I'm not already read all of them. Well, I said 'not already'... ;)

2014.08.14 - 11:12PM
6: Part VI

I usually would agree with everything tentoo said about her not having known to begin with. Except of curse that this is a special case because she fell in love with him when they were the same person so - get rose's pov.

2014.08.14 - 10:40PM
3: Part III

Oooooooohhh. Man right from the beginning here and it just kept continuing, she has her answer of why he is the wrong choice.

And it works on all the girls, yeah?”
“Only the pretty ones.”
I have always found this response offensive in so many ways.

2014.08.14 - 10:27PM
2: Part II

OooooOo. Thought he knew it right off with his words then his actions. And yup rose, you do fear the change and that's why you don't have affairs and even worse lie about them straight to the other persons face over and over.

2014.01.13 - 11:19PM
2: Part II

WOW. I mean this is incredible. He knows and he's letting her have them both. WOW.
Why can't this be on HBO or something....I'd watch the crap out of that.

2013.05.20 - 08:33PM
2: Part II

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed this story, and particularly this chapter.
10.2 being all dominant is way beyond hot, but not only that, the whole story was just so well-written, I couldn't stop reading.
A perfect balance of captivating plot and tantalizing smut!

2013.04.23 - 09:46AM
6: Part VI

Really good! Made me cry most of the time. Loved it!

2013.03.15 - 02:51AM
6: Part VI


2012.10.16 - 05:34PM
6: Part VI

One question I would have definitely asked 10 if I was Rose is why he didn't open a dimensional portal/window pre JE/after doomsday. It just kept nagging at me even though I know that the point of the story isn't the science.

2012.10.16 - 05:30PM
6: Part VI

This was brilliant! I'm so glad I stumbled across it but I think I need to read lots of fluff before diving into the sequel because I feel very anxious now ;).
Initially it really bothered me that both Doctors were so possessive of Rose when they are essentially the same person (and man that she loves) and should be a bit more understanding of why it would be impossible for her to choose. In an ideal world, she could have both and both could have her but she has already spent a year building a life with the part human Doctor and the two Doctors have have really become two different people in many ways and so in light of that, what she and the fully time lord Doctor did was extremely selfish and unfair. If this had happened right after JE, I would feel differently and think they need to get over themselves and just share. I am partial to Rose being with 10 and not 10.5 but you really made a case for the other way around with this story. Anyway, not even sure if I'm making sense but the story makes me feel so conflicted since I hate that 10 is still alone (even if he did/does bring it on himself, it isn't what he deserves).
Your story was really well written and raw in its complexity. Thanks for writing it :) I will definitely read more of your stuff asap.

2011.12.23 - 10:55AM
6: Part VI

Beautiful, believable (insofar as a cross dimensional love triangle can be), and heart renchingly real. Off to read the sequels because I need to know these two are going to be okay.

Great job!

Author's Response: Haha...yeah, I guess it\'s a little unbelievable ;). I\'m so glad you enjoyed it!

2011.12.23 - 10:22AM
5: Part V

Had to be said. All of it :*(

She looks up, meets his eyes. “I did,” she says. “When I was younger, I thought that if you loved me, then I would have everything I ever needed. But I’ve come to realize that it’s so much more than that. Love isn’t just saying it, making love to me when you feel like it, and running on to the next adventure. Love is sharing a life. And you’re never going to be able to give me that, not really, are you?”

Author's Response: Oh definitely. This one hurt to write.

2011.12.23 - 09:16AM
4: Part IV

Good for him. She needs a wake up call. She has to choose. BUT.... She really still believes they are the same man, but at this point, they aren't. While they are definitely both still the Doctor, they are now individuals...

She steadies her hands on the edge of the table. “You’re the same. That’s what he told me, that day. And I love him and I love you. I love you both.”

Poor Cloen. Ugh. He must feel lousy.

Author's Response: Oh I agree...they are different now, and she must realize that TenII is the one who can give her what she needs.