Reviews For Casualties

2013.11.20 - 03:11AM
1: sadface

I love this: "The excuse that people are happier when not meddled with by him, when not shown the glorious expanse of forever, when not allowed to question if what’s in their tiny world is all there is."

2012.03.11 - 05:10PM
1: sadface

How did you write something this good without having seen the character and events involved? And as a matter of fact, why did you? Oh well, I liked it.

2009.06.25 - 09:27PM
1: sadface

Yeah, I'm with wj5 (and I'm assuming everyone else, as well). Watch as much Two as you can, ASAP. (And, as /amazingly/ funny as the Mind Robber is, make sure you get a serious-er one on the 'to-watch' list, too, the Krotons, maybe, or the Invasion. And though your fic proves you know the scenario, you still ought to watch the War Games. It's the most heartwrenching episode ever.)
Now! To proper matters. The fic was amazing - the first segment pulled at my heartstrings, and it didn't get any brighter after that. The character glimpses we get are spot on - all of them. My favourite was Jamie's, I think, or the Doctor's second glimpse. I can't decide! They're all good.
Thanks for the gem!

Author's Response: Thanks! And, since writing this story, I have watched (and read the skripts for) loads and loads of Two--and I love him! He\'s my favorite. :) *trite nod*

2009.01.21 - 03:09PM
1: sadface

Oh, very good. I like the parallel between the two events. (And you've never watched Two? I'm a) impressed and b) horrified - go out and watch Two, Jamie and Zoe and break your heart over it right this moment! Donna, too...) But well, done. It was good to read a story that made such good use of the connection.

Author's Response: I know, I need to! There\'s a huge gap in my life! :) But I\'m seeing The Mind Robber sometime next month, so I\'m on the road to redemption. heh Thanks for the review!

2009.01.14 - 02:53PM
1: sadface

I've been watching Two's era and right now I'm stalled just before The War Games. I don't have the heart to watch it yet, and your gorgeous story makes me want to hold it at bay just a little longer. It's just too hard to let Jamie and Zoe go, and I could feel that with the Doctor in your story. And then the way you wrote the scene with Donna -- it's just heartbreaking. A very affecting story!

Author's Response: The funny bit is I\'ve never seen War Games or anything with Donna! As a matter of fact, I haven\'t seen any Two yet--although Mind Robber is in my very near future. So I\'m glad I got it right! Thanks!

2009.01.13 - 06:39PM
1: sadface

You know, I was perfectly calm and dry-eyed until you got to the Donna part. Then I started bloody crying... Brilliant!

Author's Response: oh, I don\'t want to make you sad...but thank you!

2009.01.12 - 02:06PM
1: sadface

I'm tearing up now.

Author's Response: sorry :(

2009.01.11 - 09:43PM
1: sadface

Interesting, and so very sad.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing!