Reviews For Starting Over

2009.03.18 - 12:53PM
5: Chapter 5

Oh yes. I agree with Converse Universe. THe loneliest one, and the least deserving of that stature. My poor Lonely God...I wish I could be with him forever. SEriously. But he's only a character in a television series in THIS universe...and we're all stuck in shit-hole Mundania...

And, heh heh!! SICK! and WEAK! Doctor! WAHOOOOO

Author's Response: Thanks! (As I finally get to responding to comments...) Poor Doctor--he so needs someone. And poor us, living in a world where he\'s only a TV character!

2009.03.18 - 09:24AM
5: Chapter 5

I feel bad. I started reading this when you originally posted, but I've just found I never reviewed. That's a crime because this is brilliant. I've loved the whole journey. Great way of bringing Donna back- something that made perfect sense. You've got your characterization down pat. I can hear each of them delivering those lines. Really nice job. Looking forward to more!

Author's Response: Thanks! I\'m glad the whole journey worked for you--I wanted to revisit and work out the stuff that came before so the characters could move forward. And I\'m glad, too, that the way I brought Donna back made sense to you! It made sense to me, but I never know how my made-up explanations will sound to other people. :P

2009.03.18 - 03:20AM
5: Chapter 5

That was a lovely chapter darling. Loved all the angst and the reunion between Donna and the Doctor made me cry....a little...ok alot. It was a perfectly done scene! I can totally see Donna slapping the Doctor for all that. And poor Jack...he can't live with him and can't live without the Doctor. I cannot wait for more!

Author's Response: Thank you! *tissue* It\'s totally true for Jack...though I hope he\'ll be starting to feel a little less conflicted soon. :P I\'m so sorry for taking forever to respond to your comment--I had a crazy few months like you wouldn\'t believe. I really appreciate your taking the time to leave a note, though!

2009.03.18 - 02:57AM
5: Chapter 5

Everything about this chapter was perfect. The end dialogue between the Doctor and Donna was spot on and absolutely heartbreaking. I nearly teared up when he said if he didn't do it quickly enough he didn't think he was going to be able to walk away. I think that is what happened in the episode as well. A final goodbye forever hug would have absolutely shattered him. I don't know where you're going with this which is brilliant, I love unpredictable, but I can't wait to go along for the ride!

Jack was perfect as well. I love their relationship. Strong friendship, Jack loves him, they have something of an equality but also a slight resentment and yet both still care. Loved the ending. Loved loved loved it.

Someone be there when he wakes. The character who deserves to be alone the least, he always seems to be :(

Author's Response: Oh, I completely agree--the Doctor had to walk away quickly, or he\'d never be able to do it. And poor Doctor; he needs someone so badly. Thank you so much for your review! I\'m so glad you\'ve been enjoying this, and that you\'ve stuck with me despite the long delays between chapters. My apologies for not responding sooner; I had a rather crazy time of it the last couple of months!

2009.03.18 - 02:40AM
5: Chapter 5

Yay - Donna's back and the Doctor has his memories back.
You've got Jack down perfectly - I could just see and hear him saying those things to the Doctor. He would be so mad at the Doctor for not giving him a chance to say goodbye to Rose.
Any chance of a rescue for Rose and the other Doctor in the near future or is that impossible still??????

Author's Response: Thank you! I\'m so glad you\'ve been enjoying this and that the characterizations worked for you, especially Jack. Despite things being mostly resolved between them in the series, I really think that he must harbor many conflicted feelings toward the Doctor that couldn\'t get worked out quickly at all. (Though I think he\'s at least well on his way at this point.) I\'m not sure about a rescue for Rose and the other Doctor, but you never know when the plot bunnies may strike!

Author's Response: And I also wanted to add my apologies for the delay in responding to your comment--it\'s been a pretty hectic couple of months, but I really appreciate your taking the time to leave a note!