Reviews For Starting Over

2009.02.10 - 03:46AM
3: Chapter 3

What's wrong with the Doctor and how can Donna help him?
Please update soon.

2009.01.23 - 11:34AM
3: Chapter 3

I'm hooked, update soon I can't wait to read more!

2009.01.22 - 06:45AM
3: Chapter 3

Really intrigued -- can't wait to find out what's wrong with the Doctor and what's going to happen next!

2009.01.22 - 06:41AM
3: Chapter 3

Oh wow, what's wrong with the Doctor?? He can't still be regenerating, can he?! And they can't find Donna - wouldn't she burn up if she sees them? I'm really enjoying this - well done!

2009.01.22 - 06:25AM
3: Chapter 3

Ah! What's going on with the Doctor :P If he's not 9 then....meh? :P
And nooooo, they can't go see Donna or she'll die! Unless you'e planning on making us very happy with Donna coping with it? *begs*
Sorry for not reviewing sooner but I am loving this story :D

2009.01.22 - 03:12AM
3: Chapter 3

This just keeps getting better and better. I really want to know what is happening with the doctor! Their pain, especially Jacks', at re-living the painful memories of the past, was palpable.

Oh, I just can't wait for the next part! I'm loving this!

2009.01.22 - 03:11AM
3: Chapter 3

This is such an amazing storyline! Bring on the memories and bring on Donna!!! Can't wait to see what happens next and the wonderful thing is it is unpredictable so I actually have no idea! Love it!

2009.01.22 - 12:27AM
3: Chapter 3

What's wrong with the Doctor?!? Very intriguing story, can't wait to the next update.

2009.01.21 - 10:44PM
3: Chapter 3

It keeps on with the intrigue. Enjoying it.