Reviews For The Bad Wolf

2009.09.13 - 09:32PM
3: Chapter 2: The TARDIS and her Doctor

Oh, brilliant. I love the idea that the Doctor decided that Jack had to be this way, that the universe was better with him in it, forever. In that way, immortality is Jack's greatest blessing as well as his curse, because it means that the Doctor thought that the universe was a worse place without him.

2009.02.24 - 12:07AM
3: Chapter 2: The TARDIS and her Doctor

Sent shivers down my arms!! More!!!

2009.02.24 - 12:04AM
2: Chapter 1--Pete's World

Tables are turning, but I see that it is right for him to do this and all he will want is to get back to Rose...I just wonder who that vessel will be?

2009.02.23 - 03:33PM
1: Prologue--1913

That's a really interesting concept... intriguing idea... I'm defininetly in... 'faves'

2009.02.23 - 03:29PM
1: Prologue--1913

Very interesting...have somehow missed this and now have two more chapters to read!!! Lucky me...*faves*

2009.02.22 - 11:46PM
3: Chapter 2: The TARDIS and her Doctor

This is just fantastic!!
More soon I hope???

2009.02.22 - 11:39PM
2: Chapter 1--Pete's World

Noooooooo - Rose can't lose this Doctor as well. Please say that it's someone else.

2009.02.22 - 11:33PM
1: Prologue--1913

I got shivers up and down my spine reading that!!!!
That was just brilliant.

2009.01.03 - 05:57PM
2: Chapter 1--Pete's World

ACK! Please no! Rose can't lose another Doctor! Please say Donna's that vessel or something!

2009.01.02 - 05:22PM
1: Prologue--1913

Very nice. Hopefully Chapter One will be cleared and up very soon.

2009.01.02 - 03:04AM
1: Prologue--1913

Ooooh... This has well and truely caught my attention. I don't know why no-one has reviewed yet, but this really is good.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing! I can\'t promise I\'ll have regular updates, but I do hope you\'ll like where I go with this.