2010.11.13 - 09:42AM
2: Her Hardest Hue to Hold

Began reading Bad Wolf Rising than moved on to your other stories. WOW - do hope you continue with this one which is a great companion piece. love your writing style - some areas need to be re-read a few times to pick up on some of what is hidden but worth it.

2009.06.30 - 12:22PM
2: Her Hardest Hue to Hold

I love this story!
Keep typing this one up, i enjoy it!

2009.02.20 - 12:44AM
1: Nature's First Green is Gold

GAHH this story is amazing. Please write faster. I wish to reeaaaddd!!!!

Author's Response: *squees and hugs* I\'m so glad to see someone show interest in this here! I was beginning to think I\'d written something awful. ;) Thanks for the kind words; I\'m very glad you\'re enjoying it so far. I\'m trying to focus on/finish Between Man and God just now, but updates to this will come as they\'re cleaned up and edited, promise!