Reviews For Journey Onward

2009.02.03 - 05:37AM
10: Epilogue: He Has This Family

A wonderful story and a moving ending to boot that sums up what's always grounded Doctor Who into being the most human of action/adventure shows/franchises. The importance of friendship and family.

Author's Response: Thank you :) I\'m really glad you enjoyed this, and that you get what I was saying in the final chapter.

2009.02.03 - 03:46AM
10: Epilogue: He Has This Family

Got to love a happy ending.

Author's Response: Oh, yes, and the Doctor certainly deserves one for a change!

2009.02.02 - 07:01PM
10: Epilogue: He Has This Family

I loved this from beginning to end. Just lovely. And leave it to Jack to come up with a way to save Donna. This whole story was just beautiful.

Author's Response: Thank you! Yes, Jack had to do that for the Doctor, and Donna deserved to get her memories back. Glad you liked it!

2009.02.02 - 02:21PM
9: A Reason to Live

Very nice, not sure I had read this before and I don't know why but lovely ending. Bout time the Doctor sorted himself.

Author's Response: Thank you! I\'m really glad you liked it - and, yes, it really is about time that we saw the Doctor a bit less devastated!

2009.02.02 - 12:28PM
9: A Reason to Live

Loved this so so much! Hooray for Doctor finally realizing that even though they may lead their own lives, just like he does, they are all the biggest group of friends and family he could ever ask for. Good lord...happy endings like this make my day!

Author's Response: I\'m really glad you enjoyed this :) And, yes, he really does have such a huge family of people who love him, and yet he chases them all away all the time! I had to do something about that here ;)

2009.02.02 - 11:05AM
9: A Reason to Live

Oh, that was so satisfying! You tied up all the loose ends and found a brilliant way for Jack to help Donna. I'm all smiles now!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I\'m thrilled that you liked this and the way it ended :)

2009.01.30 - 01:47PM
8: We Still Know Who You Are

Thank you for saving Harriet and finding an important, constructive job for her! And now it looks like you're going to do something similar for Donna. I can't wait to see Jack's solution!

Author's Response: Thank you! I like Harriet just so much - when it occurred to me that I could have a way not just to save her, but to use her, I couldn\'t resist :) Final chapter awaiting approval - I hope you like it!

2009.01.30 - 12:35PM
8: We Still Know Who You Are

Aaargh, the suspense is killing me! Please write more of this very nice story!

Author's Response: It\'s written! The final chapter is now awaiting approval. Thank you so much!

2009.01.30 - 08:04AM
8: We Still Know Who You Are

Oh, that was unexpected. I'd been thinking as I was reading that this was the nice resolved happy ending that we get as reward for the earlier angst. And it was except it might even get happier if they can manage to fix Donna without killing her.

Author's Response: Yes, there was rather a lot of angst earlier - more than I anticipated, actually. The characters got a bit carried away with it. But, yes, final chapter coming up, and there might be one or two bonuses in there. Thank you for sticking with me! :)

2009.01.27 - 10:46AM
7: Into the Fire

Still really loving the adventure part of this story. It's got the pacing of a real episode.

Author's Response: Thank you - that\'s a lovely compliment! Action/adventure is probably what I find hardest to write, so I really do appreciate it when readers tell me if it works or not :)

2009.01.26 - 09:59PM
7: Into the Fire

I thought he was going to get venomned!! Ahhh!! I'm looking forward to what's coming next!!

Author's Response: Nah, he\'s too clever for that, though he\'s got other things to worry about. Glad you liked it, and thanks for commenting :)

2009.01.23 - 10:47AM
6: Familiar Faces

Wow, this story just whips along, with action and suspense at every turn. Somehow I keep missing your updates, though, so I apologize for being sporadic in leaving reviews. I'm loving every word!

Author's Response: Ooh, thank you! No need to apologise; with the number of stories posted every day (and the fact that Teaspoon updates often go up in large batches) there\'s no reason why you should notice a new chapter as soon as it goes up :) Glad you\'re managing to find them anyway!

2009.01.22 - 12:26PM
6: Familiar Faces

Ooh, that was an exciting chapter.

Early on I copied this:
Not enough? Jack really thinks that? He’d tell Jack he’s wrong, but the human’s already jogging across the floor of the Hub.
thinking he might regret missing his opportunity to set Jack's thinking straight.

And then I instantly got distracted by all the adventure and excitement. A nice influx of energy to the story. Yea.

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad you liked the chapter, and I\'m particularly pleased you noticed that bit about Jack thinking he\'s not enough to give the Doctor a reason to live. There\'s a bit of adventure to come yet, so I\'m glad you\'re enjoying it :)

2009.01.18 - 06:19AM
5: Grief

Oh, finally, they're beginning to do things right, the silly boys! What a relief!

Author's Response: Yes, at last! Took them a while, but they\'ve finally got it. Thanks for commenting!

2009.01.18 - 06:08AM
4: Battles

Oh, *owch*. Talk about poor impulse control - another thing Jack and the Doctor share. The end scenes were just lovely, but it was so awful to read that bit with Jack. Very curious to see how he mends things.

Author's Response: Thank you! Yes, not the Doctor\'s proudest moment there, and he knows it. Glad you liked the Harriet scene :)