2008.12.24 - 02:21AM
2: Epilogue

Brilliant! Bloody love Jackie!!! xx

Author's Response: First time I\'ve flt excited about Christmas in a long time!!! Thankyou for taking the time out of your very busy day to read and review me!!! (I was being sincere!!)

2008.12.24 - 02:20AM
1: Grandmother Christmas

Lovely... but oh no! It had to be said xx

Author's Response: Thanks Vicky...geuss what...it\'s Christmas tomorrow...you know what THAT means? Something Special is going to happen at six o\'clock!!!!XXXX

2008.12.23 - 10:06PM
2: Epilogue

That Tux is cursed!!!
Good on Jackie - she's enough to scare any alien when she's mad.
Well done.

Author's Response: ANY tux, methinks!! (if he\'s in it!) Thanks ree!!!XXX

2008.12.23 - 08:14PM
2: Epilogue

Jackie - you go, girl!!! Watch out for Grandma!

Author's Response: She\'s really an awesome creature to behold!!!!

2008.12.23 - 07:47PM
2: Epilogue

See, never let him wear the suit! :)

Great story!

Author's Response: Absolutely...he really shouldn\'t!! Thanks!!XX

2008.12.23 - 03:43PM
1: Grandmother Christmas

Hmm, why do I get the feeling something more is going to happen after that last line?

Author's Response: Weeell, we are all Whovians here aren\'t we? XXX

2008.12.23 - 02:56PM
1: Grandmother Christmas

Aww, sweet.

But she said those words. Why? WHY?!?!

XD Well done xx

Author's Response: Thanks...it\'s okay...he IS the Doctor contrary to what others might believe!!! XX

2008.12.23 - 02:15PM
1: Grandmother Christmas

Ooh, if there are any cursed words in the whoniverse then it's definitely those five! :)

Author's Response: Yep, I\'d have to agree with you on that one!!

2008.12.23 - 02:13PM
1: Grandmother Christmas

Oh, why did she have to go and say that?! This is cute!

Author's Response: Well now, we wouldn\'t have a story if someone didn\'t say it!! Thanks nine!!!