2009.01.06 - 12:35PM
1: Chapter 1

"Earth. Year of Our Lord... well, the Year of Our Lord, actually." That was awesome. Looks like we both missed each others christmas tides this year. Nice to catch this the after the hype. Keeps the season real. Take care. :)

Author's Response: Thank you. Happy Epiphany!

2008.12.23 - 08:19PM
1: Chapter 1

my internet connection being what it is - or rather isn't - I almost never review. So to get me to keep a window open til the next coffee house day just so I can review takes something extrordinary! This fic brought tears to my eyes - Who is so often so thouraghly atheistic so to see something that chalanges that is so very refreshing. Thank you for such a beautiful little fic.

(I'm also a big fan of Her Doctor btw well done there too)

Author's Response: I am humbled and thrilled with your review. Thank you. God bless you and yours this season!

2008.12.18 - 08:13AM
1: Chapter 1

Thanks for this, O.L. This was a nice Christmas (with the "real meaning of Christmas") story and I like how you and Ciavel have used the Doctor / Fr. Mike pairing. As characters, they really do come across improving each other and that reflects your (you and Ciavel's) skills as writers.

Author's Response: Ok - definitely blushing right down to my toes. I appreciate the kind words and high praise.

2008.12.18 - 05:32AM
1: Chapter 1

Thank you for this! Not every Christmas churns out an actual Christmas story like this.

Author's Response: *blushing* Thank you.

2008.12.18 - 12:28AM
1: Chapter 1

Thanks again! I'm glad the grumpy, foul-mouthed priest brought a good Christmas to someone. :)

Author's Response: Thank YOU for creating Mike in the first place, and again for letting me spend Christmas with him.

2008.12.17 - 11:42PM
1: Chapter 1

Loved the end...we all have to believe in something!!

Author's Response: Thank you!!