Reviews For Best Wishes

2009.09.25 - 06:05PM
1: Best Wishes

Oh that was very sweet. Another nice little reflection of the bond that exists between these two.

Author's Response: I am not especially religious, but when it comes to Christmas, well you do startto think! Thanks, i was partcularly proud of this one! XX

2008.12.19 - 02:21AM
1: Best Wishes

Oh MY am I glad I found this one! Just perfect!

Author's Response: Yeah, sweet and simple!! Thanks!!

2008.12.12 - 10:58AM
1: Best Wishes

Awwww...that was so sweet. I loved that he signed it with his real name. :)

Author's Response: Thankyou. X

2008.12.12 - 02:13AM
1: Best Wishes

That was just beautiful. Loved how the Doctor was jealous of Jack's card. Good on Rose for telling him how it is!!! And that ending was just lovely, with the Doctor signing his name in Gallifreyan so that Rose couldn't pronounce it.
Well done as always, SOM (UK)!!!

Author's Response: I wonder if the card really was a photo? XXX

2008.12.11 - 10:33PM
1: Best Wishes

Thank you for the lovely Christmas present!

Author's Response: I thought it was nice too...

2008.12.11 - 07:37PM
1: Best Wishes

AWWWW! OHHHH! Droooliness!

Author's Response: *grin* glad to please you!!!X

2008.12.11 - 04:04PM
1: Best Wishes

Awww, that's so perfect. I love the bit about Rose knowing what his name is, but not being able to say it, not even to herself. Beautiful Frin. As ever.

Author's Response: Thanks again...nice to get reviews for the little things!!

2008.12.11 - 01:58PM
1: Best Wishes

Awww, that was so sweet and lovely and sentimental... perfect! SOM xx

Author's Response: Thanks..think this one might be lost before it has a chance!! XX SoM!!