Reviews For Reciprocal Lessons

2012.05.05 - 08:49AM
1: Chapter 1

I liked the flash back to the bunker. And how the Doctor talked Jack down.

2008.12.02 - 01:30PM
1: Chapter 1

This story made my day. The contrasts and parallels you suggest between Time Lord and human evolution, the way you tease tidbits of behavioral science into a compelling description of an equally compelling relationship . . . I just loved it.

Author's Response: Thank you! I love being able to work my background in science into thise little snippets. It\'s loads of fun, even when the story itself is angsty.

2008.12.01 - 10:49PM
1: Chapter 1

This is thoughtful and intense. I love how attuned the Doctor is to every aspect of Jack from chemistry to body language to dominance hierarchy. I also appreciated the connection to the bunker where the Doctor needed a similar reminder.

Author's Response: Thanks! I just realized I have a potential continuity goof here -- I\'d forgotten that I consider \"The Runaway Bride\" to have taken place in this \'Verse, before this story . . . so technically it would be Donna who stopped the Doc most recently. But the last time he was holding a *gun* with intent was \"Dalek,\" sooooo . . . I guess I\'m saved by a technicality! :D

2008.12.01 - 07:49PM
1: Chapter 1

This was great, from the concept, to the inner thinking. I loved the line about cold and hot killing being the same. Thanks

Author's Response: You\'re welcome, and thank *you* for the review -- glad you enjoyed it!