Reviews For Bohemian Rose

2010.01.13 - 08:50PM
1: Bohemian Rose

This was lovely. Much enjoyed!

2009.12.21 - 01:46PM
1: Bohemian Rose

I love this. YOu should really make a direct sequel following this story.

2009.01.01 - 10:11AM
1: Bohemian Rose

Wow. That is really good. I never imagined Rose bi. But the twist at the end - OH THE AWKWARDNESS!!!

2008.11.27 - 10:44AM
1: Bohemian Rose

I've read this before, but for some inexplicable reason I've never reviewed. I love this story. The dialog is top-notch. I love the way the Doctor circles around until Rose figures things out for herself.

2008.11.27 - 10:20AM
1: Bohemian Rose

I *love* the twist at the end! So glad this got recced on calufrax.

2007.11.16 - 02:21PM
1: Bohemian Rose

Ahahahah, this story wins the internet. It just does. I had an inkling as the story progressed, but the last line cinched it for me. I mean, I ignored the summary and just read on, because I wasn't sure... oh, this was brilliantly done (for lack of a better adjective!)

2007.08.15 - 10:51PM
1: Bohemian Rose

AH! You stopped just when it got good!

2006.04.18 - 12:12AM
1: Bohemian Rose

*giggle* I loved that. I especially liked the "small place near Guildford" comment, it made me grin knowingly. The story was sweet and funny, and it made me giggle quite a bit in places.
I can also clearly imagine what the Doctor looks like. Would I be correct in assuming you are 'loneraven' of the LJ community 'The Continuing Adventures of girl!Doctor'? If so, that is why I can picture her so clearly *grins*
I'm away to see if you have any more girl!Doctor fics...

Author's Response: I\'m glad you liked it, and I am indeed loneraven! Most of my girl!Doctor fic is over in that community; there are only a few bits and bobs here on the teaspoon.

2006.03.15 - 09:19AM
1: Bohemian Rose

FANTASTIC! er, yeah. Did you regenerate the Doctor into a woman? I kinda like the idea, especially if Rose turned gay!

2005.11.24 - 10:17PM
1: Bohemian Rose

HA! that's a good story. well done!

2005.09.03 - 01:01PM
1: Bohemian Rose

Wow. Wow. Rose sounds so good in this one I almost fancy her myself.

2005.06.26 - 05:25AM
1: Bohemian Rose

That actually made me gasp out loud at the end! Oh wow, that was insane! agh... But so good! I liked it! And bi!Rose is v. hot!

Tara Wheeler
2005.06.24 - 07:54PM
1: Bohemian Rose

Gesnort! Very clever. :) Now write some more that rip my heart out. :) Oh, and more Captain Jack. :)

2005.06.10 - 12:23PM
1: Bohemian Rose

A very clever fic that turns expectation on its head. Superb twist.

2005.06.10 - 02:43AM
1: Bohemian Rose

I loved the little twist at the end - a really good idea!