2009.06.17 - 12:21AM
1: The Moonlit Headstone

Yoiks! Oh no - what happened to Ace? 0_0

2009.06.17 - 12:20AM
3: Just Another Planet...

But of course! Most of the universe is apparently a quarry. All sci-fi fans know this is Truefax.

2009.06.17 - 12:19AM
2: The Charm Of A Mountain Lake

They always were good at being on the same wave-length to a certain extent. Very pleasant.

Author's Response: Thankyou. This was the drabble that started it all. :)

2009.06.17 - 12:18AM
6: Memories...

Ooo, that was surprisingly powerful in its punch. Well done.

Author's Response: Thank you muchly :)

2009.06.17 - 12:17AM
7: Doctor BlackAdder

"...an alarming lack of you." *snert snert*

2009.06.17 - 12:17AM
8: A Change Of Hearts

Now *that* would be a change all right!

2009.06.17 - 12:16AM
9: Tampering With Reality...

Ha! A sort of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Doctor?

2009.06.17 - 12:15AM
10: Ghosts in the TARDIS...

What is Adric's ghost doing dragging his fingernails around? ;-) He wouldn't have been that malevolent as a spirit, would he? Not in those pajamas.

Author's Response: Hmm, well, as a ghost, I imagined he\'d sort of be a lost soul, unable to make any direct contact to the Doctor. Basically he\'s doomed to wander the TARDIS...

2009.06.17 - 12:14AM
11: Lost At Sea

When/where is this? I can't recall any eps that had anything like this in them, but that could just be me.

Author's Response: They\'re Sea Devils :D Or Silurians. I\'ll leave that bit up to you :)

2009.06.17 - 12:13AM
12: A Final Tribute...

Aww, so sad! I can hear it in his voice as well...

2009.06.17 - 12:12AM
13: The Nick Of Time

But of course, where else would it be? XD

2009.06.17 - 12:11AM
14: Never Play Chess With Yourself

LOL! The two of them were quite a contrast, weren't they? By all means, now let him have his chance at out-eating his smaller self.

2009.06.17 - 12:10AM
16: Lost

Ah yes, Six's classic arrogance, well done.

2009.06.17 - 12:09AM
17: A New Beginning...

That was really creepy!

2009.06.17 - 12:09AM
18: Trapped In Time

Very intriguing, left me also wondering who you had in mind... I like how this one is structured, it's almost a poem.

Author's Response: Thankyou very much :)