Reviews For The Devil You Know

2021.02.15 - 07:25AM
2: Chapter 2

I just realized that although I’ve read this a hundred times, I never left a review! This is absolutely one of my very, very favorite fics of all time. The characterization, the story, the tone, just....asdffjdhdhsjsjakam. So fucking good!!!! I adore all of your fics but this one is particularly top-notch. Just, goddamn.

2016.02.20 - 05:16PM
2: Chapter 2

Captivating, witty, suspenseful, and overall fantastic!

2013.05.03 - 07:32PM
2: Chapter 2

This was great. I was bit worried this was going to be disturbing like some of your other work, but I was pleasently surprised. Nice job.

2011.12.31 - 06:18AM
2: Chapter 2

Desperately seeking a sequel: This was beyond brilliant.

2011.05.24 - 07:48AM
2: Chapter 2

Wow. I wanted to leave this story after reading the first few lines, infuriated and unwilling to believe that Rose could betray the Doctor. But it was so compelling and I just needed to know what had changed Rose and what was going to happen. I'm so glad I didn't flee at the first sign of trouble.
This was brilliant, well-written, and entirely engaging. It was heartbreaking and I did shed a few tears. That being said, I am so glad you ended this happily. I think that after everything that happened in this story, it would've killed me to see things end disasterously. I would love to see a sequel with this new Rose and new Doctor

2011.04.04 - 04:54PM
2: Chapter 2

absolutely fantastic! i have no words for how brilliant this story is!

2011.03.17 - 09:17AM
2: Chapter 2

There are really no words for how brilliant this is. I've read it four times now and every time I love it more and more. Definitely one of my favorite 10.5/Rose fics.

2010.08.10 - 02:26PM
2: Chapter 2

There's nothing to it. I'm going to have to read this again before I really put together a worthy response. And. I'm okay with that.

Off the top of my head: thank you. I can't tell you how much I appreciate that you gave Rose space to change, that you pushed her dark then brought her back but not all the way. My favorite thing (beside the Slinky) might have been realizing who she and the Doctor had become on the other side. I got chills over them quietly agreeing that it was better that other Doctor didn't know that they'd become.

I am thrilled by the prospect of reading more from you.

2009.08.17 - 10:20AM
2: Chapter 2

Perfect from start to finish, the kind of story that makes you look at your keyboard and think, Damn. I wish I could do that . . . I loved every single word and I sniffled over the end. Rose in JE *was* disturbing, off in some subtle way; this story offers my favorite explanation, because it picks up on those details but stays true to her character. You're not just messing about with her, like a soap opera scribbler; she's changed in ways that seem believable and necessary.

2009.03.31 - 04:34PM
2: Chapter 2

This was stunning and concise. I really enjoyed it, even more so because you were able to pack so much into a story that wasn't any longer than it needed to be. Absolutely fabulous, thanks so much for writing!

2009.01.14 - 02:45PM
2: Chapter 2

Well, I usualy run away as far as possible when I see a story that has Rose/ 10.5/ explicit sex, but this one was indeed very different, very original and amazingly executed. Well done!

2009.01.13 - 09:12PM
2: Chapter 2

Still laughing about the bagels.

2009.01.12 - 05:25PM
2: Chapter 2

oh. that was absolutely amazing))
never doubted in our Rose))

2008.12.30 - 02:59PM
2: Chapter 2

Well... that was certainly one of the most origional Post Journey's End fics I've ever read. And it makes sense. It'd be something Rose would do - Post Doomsday Rose especially. I like the reference to them both having changed, too.

...I've actually always thought it was kinda strange of the Doctor to ask Rose to make the New Doctor 'better', 'cause she isn't the same person. I mean she was carrying a giant gun when she first met him for crying out loud!

Anyway... uhm, that's unrelated. Point is, this was a brilliant insightful idea. It was very well written, had a brilliantly thought out plot and was, at times, side splittingly funny! I was actually laughing my head off from the moment Rose said "Well," she says, "that's a fucking relief." pretty much til the end. (And the ending, by the way, was just brilliant)

A really wonderful read!

2008.12.04 - 12:22PM
2: Chapter 2

Nicley done, and well written. The only thing I would've like to have seen was more Donna dialogue in the Doctor - otherwise, perfect!