Reviews For Recovered

2008.11.16 - 08:45AM
1: Waking Dreams

I wonder how much they could mention Adam before he came back? But that message was great, just enough not to know, lol.

But poor Yan, not the nicest memories to have conjured up.

2008.11.08 - 12:27PM
1: Waking Dreams

Wow I love this fic. I love reading ones that are to do with Adam. I always thought there would be more issues with Ianto's memory. And this is great. Loved Jack's message. It was so Jack, said everything and nothing. Lol

Author's Response: Thank you very much, I\'m glad you liked it.

2008.11.05 - 12:08AM
1: Waking Dreams

Great idea.

2008.11.04 - 03:52PM
1: Waking Dreams

Wonderful idea. I also recently rewatched Adam and have been thinking about addressing some issues there.

Good fic, the message to them was perfect.

Author's Response: Thanks heaps, I\'m glad you liked Jack\'s message cause I was a bit unsure about whether it fit right.

2008.11.04 - 09:08AM
1: Waking Dreams

I think you are absolutely right. In fact i have a half completed version in which Jack finds a message to himself in case anyone, especially Ianto, has problems.

It should frighten you deeply that you and I had the same idea. Be afraid.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. I\'d love to read your version of this idea, I\'m more intrigued than afraid.