2010.08.03 - 06:31AM
1: Aftermath of Fixed Chaos-The Anniversary

Hey Bev, I hadn't seen this one but it's brilliant.

Author's Response: Why, thank you, Love! I\'m glad you enjoyed! Lots of computer issues at home, but I\'m planning on getting some fresh stuff out soon.....

2010.04.26 - 08:29PM
1: Aftermath of Fixed Chaos-The Anniversary

This was a really Lovely story. The Doctor's reaction when he finally remembered was priceless.

Author's Response: Ah, blessings, Dearest! I tried very hard to feel/think how the Doctor would react and for you to review is priceless in my book. I humbly thank you so very much for your comments. Please, please feel free to comment on anything else you read, for it may very well influence the ongoing story outcome (wink).

2008.10.19 - 07:06AM
1: Aftermath of Fixed Chaos-The Anniversary

Such a beautifully written story. I was tearing up towards the end. I absolutely loved it!

Author's Response: Thank you, lovie. I\'m so happy you enjoyed!

2008.10.18 - 07:28AM
1: Aftermath of Fixed Chaos-The Anniversary

What a lovely idea - it's going to be fun to find out how the two Time Lords work together!

Author's Response: Actually, I planned this as a one-shot, since one Doctor is quite enough for this girl to handle (lol), but the Doctor AND son? Weeeell..........I promise to hink about it? I\'m so glad you enjoyed!