2008.11.02 - 07:40AM
1: Chapter 1

Fantastic beginning. I'll admit, I found this story because it was recced at http://calufrax.livejournal.com but I'm really glad it was. I normally avoid stories written in the first person, but this has an amazingly immediate feel that suits the choice of perspective. I'm genuinely looking forward to reading on.

2008.10.30 - 12:13AM
14: Epilogue

Here via Calufrax. I generally don't bother with OC fics, but this was totally worth it. Quite fabulous.

2008.10.13 - 12:38AM
14: Epilogue

Ah! It's finished! I just stayed up far past my bedtime reading this start to end, amazing.

I'm totally recc'ing this on Calufrax when my turn comes up next.

Author's Response: I\'m bowled over by this review. Thank you. I don\'t think I\'ve ever agonised about posting something quite as much as this story. I\'m so glad you enjoyed it.

2008.10.12 - 04:38PM
14: Epilogue

Great story! It's so refreshing to have a Tenth Doctor story without Rose for a change. There's way too many of those stories on this site as it is, lol!

Author's Response: Oh wow, thank you :) I really wanted to write a female OC that didn\'t end up with the Doctor, and is one of the thousands of people he\'s met, inspired, been helped by, and moved on. It\'s hard and scary to do though, so I am really glad that you liked it. Although I love Rose (and Donna too ;)