Reviews For Porn Without Plot

2013.08.27 - 02:56AM
1: Porn Without Plot

I think that I'll need to wring a few things out just now... :P

2012.09.20 - 06:17PM
1: Porn Without Plot

Guh. I am so glad my husband will be back home tomorrow. Poor man won't know what hit him.

2009.09.14 - 08:18AM
1: Porn Without Plot

Oh my now that put any modern day porn video back into the shadows. I have a sudden need to go find my husband.

2009.06.10 - 09:32PM
1: Porn Without Plot

What a terrific, imaginative story! Great sexual tension and build-up. Kudos for giving us a high quality fiction, and yay to Wiggiemomsi for requesting it!! Very well done!

2009.01.04 - 05:33PM
1: Porn Without Plot

just found this - wow.

Author's Response: Thanks!

2008.10.09 - 08:39AM
1: Porn Without Plot

You've captured the different male and female 'porn brains' perfectly. I love the way the Doctor can be so embarrassed and so hot at the same time. Brilliantly done.

Author's Response: Thanks! I...may possibly perhaps spend a little too much time thinking about porn and gender. But I\'m glad people seemed to enjoy the result!

2008.10.07 - 09:00PM
1: Porn Without Plot

OH! Very very lovely! Yummmm! *happy purring ficivore*

Author's Response: Hooray! Thank you!

2008.10.07 - 08:21AM
1: Porn Without Plot

Wonderful. Really, really wonderful.
You painted the pictures very well indeed. *applause*

Author's Response: Thank you! I....kind of want that book that they had there now. I\'m bummed it only exists in my brain. :(

2008.10.06 - 09:15PM
1: Porn Without Plot

*puddle* Wow! ;-)

Author's Response: Yay puddle!

2008.10.06 - 03:58PM
1: Porn Without Plot

Damn... XD That was fantastic! You've captured the effect of porn on both sexes so perfectly ^_^ Just.... whoa....

Author's Response: Thanks! I guess all that deep thought I do about porn pays off sometimes!

2008.10.06 - 04:32AM
1: Porn Without Plot

Well I was going to say WOW! But someone beat me to it!! Double WOW!! Really, really good. The imagery!! Who needs pictures when we've got words?

Author's Response: Thanks! Verbal porn for the complete win!

2008.10.05 - 09:04PM
1: Porn Without Plot


Wonderful, and so true about men and women!

Author's Response: Hee! Thank you. I love writing the Doctor where he\'s just being a bloke. ~pets him~

2008.10.05 - 06:56PM
1: Porn Without Plot

loved it :-)

Author's Response: Thank you!