2015.09.02 - 01:15AM
14: and be my love

Oh wow. This is amazing. I love the characterisation here, especially of John, Martha and Jack; their changing relationships and the insights into their characters that I didn't realize.

I also love how this isn't just a "relationship" story; how there is Plot and Villainy and Mystery, and how everyone works together to figure it out. And how relatively minor characters like Sarah Jane and Tish also get important parts to play. How you took me by surprise with Simon, and various other hints about things under the surface.

But arrrrgh! SEQUEL! SEQUEL! PLEASE! I'm begging you. Beg beg beg beg beg. Please. Pretty please? With sugar on top? With Captain Jacks on top?

2009.06.23 - 01:46AM
14: and be my love

Well, at least the sequel will let us know who Simon really is, right? And maybe let us know more about Jack's backstory, as well as where this psyhic connection between John and Martha is going? I hope you start writing soon, because I can't wait to find out! :)

2009.03.27 - 12:11PM
1: What's Past is Prologue

This was a good read, I really enjoyed seeing the struggles the Doctor would have as John, how his relationships would be fraught because of his unusual memories and finally, how he could find love with Martha.

Author's Response: Thank you! I\'m so glad that you enjoyed reading the story; I had a great time writing it!

2008.11.22 - 10:09PM
10: You and I Are

Oh my gosh that was so sweet. I love the chalk bits. You are such a great story teller! I just finished reading it not a minute ago, but I'm sure I'll comment better on your lj. It was just...guh.
*a little teary* kudos.

Author's Response: Thanks! Sorry for the teary, but so glad you enjoyed it!

2008.11.02 - 04:27AM
7: Standoff

There is so much awesomeness about this chapter -- I hardly know where to begin. First of all: Sarah Jane! WOOP! That was a wonderful surprise! I also liked the little telepathic talk between Jack and Martha, though I did feel a bit bad for Handy as he was feeling a wee bit left out of things.

Oh god and this: "Before releasing him, she mouthed the words “Thank you,” and he could feel his heart breaking. She was walking away from him all over again." -- totally broke my heart as well. *wibble*

Now I am worried about where Martha is off to and hope against hope that Handy gets to snog, I mean, SEE her again soon!

Author's Response: Never fear--all will be revealed! Jack and Martha needed to have a little private chat. Glad you enjoyed Sarah Jane; she\'ll be back later! And Handy will be OK--I\'ve been working on this so long that I sometimes forget that they\'ve all only been together for about 12 hours, and it\'s really an awful lot to process, so no one is really sure what\'s going on, you know? Glad you\'re enjoying!

2008.10.27 - 04:10AM
6: Standing Still

Oooh, I really love this chapter -- the growing tenderness between John and Martha, Jack dealing with his own feelings for Martha in the midst of the relationship between John and Martha manifesting right before his eyes, and the thrill of the danger that Martha might be in.

My favorite part though -- and I might be wrong in my interpretation -- was how "Doctor-ly" Martha's influence on Jack has been in the alt!verse. What I mean is that she has inspired him to do good, given him someone/something to believe in, and sort of a more positive focus in his life in a way that seems very similar to what the Doctor did for him. I really like that and I'm glad Jack has such a stabilizing influence in his life.

Anyway, as always I can't wait to read more! This story is so wonderful!

2008.10.26 - 03:48PM
1: What's Past is Prologue

I like Martha with Jack and Rose with the Doctor. so I admit to some anxiety. but you make the romance between Alt Ten and Martha palatable and even believable and sweet. No character bashing makes it readable. so thank you. And your Jack is very much the Jack created for the series; good heart. troubled past. Your Martha contains very much the compassionate Doctor's heart we saw in Smith and Jones. And the mystery-adventure elements is top notch.

Author's Response: Thanks! While I ship Martha/Doctor, I can\'t seem to write them in anything other than really screwed up relationships; they just don\'t work that way for me. Alt Ten, though, just seemed ripe for the picking, especially after RTD left us with that ambiguous scene on the beach. I\'m glad that you see the characters as somehow/somewhat true to their introductions in the Whoniverse--that was my intention! And no, there\'s no character bashing. We\'re all grown-ups here! ;-)

2008.10.21 - 05:12AM
5: Hat Trick, or A Plot-Advancing Interlude

Oooh, so many little lovely details. I love them all and how epic this fic is becoming. I truly can't wait to read more. I am absolutely transfixed by this story. :)

Author's Response: \"Epic\" was the last thing I was thinking when I started, but I\'m starting to feel that way about it myself! Thanks for reading and enjoying; more to come soon!

2008.10.19 - 01:01AM
4: Travels in Space

Another amazing chapter! I am so addicted to the fic and I cannot wait to read more. :)

Author's Response: Thanks! Another update coming soon!

2008.10.18 - 06:58AM
4: Travels in Space

This? This is awesomesauce on awesome pie... I love it so hard, I feel like I might explode from squee. I love all the little details of things you mix in from our 'verse (Albion Hospital, DNA transfer to save a life, etc.), but also the differences between the two 'verses as well...

Author's Response: Wow--sauce AND pie? ;-) Again, thrilled you\'re enjoying it. I\'m having fun \"remixing\" DW canon into this \'verse while trying to let it be something different.

2008.10.18 - 12:59AM
1: What's Past is Prologue

Hah, still snogging Martha pretending it's nothing! I'm loving this story. Please write more soon!!

Author's Response: Some habits are just too hard to break! Glad you\'re enjoying it and don\'t worry--more is on the way.

2008.10.12 - 01:45PM
3: Travels in Time

I am really liking this fic. Very interesting to see him have to try to fit in. To know what his problems are that cause other people to avoid him but like so many of us unable to do anything about it. I hope he is correct in thinking that Alt Martha can get past his differences and be the friend he so desperately needs. Looking forward to more

Author's Response: Thanks; I\'m glad that you\'re enjoying the story. It is interesting to think about how he would fit into the \"real\" world; once we get this hat business sorted, we\'ll see a bit more of that!

2008.10.10 - 11:42AM
3: Travels in Time

I very much enjoyed this chapter and the different points of view. And I liked Jack's entrance, but what is this Jack like in this universe. How did he get there?

Author's Response: Jack is always fun to have appear, and I had a good time figuring out exactly when to bring him in, so I\'m glad that you liked his entrance. We\'re going to find out more about him and what he\'s like here soon...

2008.10.10 - 02:13AM
3: Travels in Time

Amazing fic, love the interaction between the characters and how you've shown John having some of Donna's personality traits. Martha is fantastic thought I wonder how she got into UNIT and met Jack. Maybe I'm a bit lost. The last part on the third chapter when John and Martha are in each other's mind very interesting can't wait to find out what happens next.

Author's Response: So glad that you\'re enjoying the story; we\'ll be learning more about Martha & Jack soon, so you haven\'t missed anything!

2008.10.09 - 10:42PM
3: Travels in Time

Wow, wow, wow -- another amazing chapter!

I especially liked the whole Dalek bit. Poor Handy. Oh, and I am not only intrigued with alt!Jack and alt!Martha's job at UNIT, but I am also very intrigued by the telepathic connection between alt!Martha and Handy at the end. If Handy ever needed someone to connect with him, it was (perhaps ironically) that moment.

I can't wait to read more. I am absolutely riveted by this!

Author's Response: My favorite Dalek appearances in newWho are the eps where there\'s a possible Dalek evolution; they get so much more interesting! I\'m glad that I could cause some intrigue and glad that you\'re enjoying!