Reviews For Irresistible Force

2011.08.25 - 03:12PM
1: Irresistible Force

This was a very entertaining story, and the best I've found on Teaspoon in ages.

2011.05.08 - 05:23PM
1: Irresistible Force

Wonderful! As other reviewer have said, the Doctor is so much himself here, and the OC is engaging, realistic and leads us through the plot without dominating it. Great stuff.

2010.09.05 - 03:55PM
1: Irresistible Force

That was wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed every every sentence. Pitch perfect.

2008.06.07 - 12:01PM
1: Irresistible Force

Excellent story. The narrator has a distinct and convincing voice, and you've got Five's personality just right. My only tiny quibble is that I think that kissing a human would be closer to kissing someone else's pet hamster or kitten, rather than an iguana. We are "quite [his] favourite species," after all.

2008.05.22 - 03:26PM
1: Irresistible Force

Fantastic OC and great plot I was rivited to the screen (as it were).

Well done :)

2008.05.14 - 12:36AM
1: Irresistible Force

What a wonderful story! I came here via your webpage ... I've long been a fan of your Snape/Maud stories (I still feel fuzzy when I read the Beekeeper reference at the end of one of them) and was delighted to see that you write Doctor Who as well!

2007.03.22 - 01:13AM
1: Irresistible Force

That was brillant! A terrific OC, amazing voice, and a riveting plot. As an added bonus I knew the city you were talking about. The Doctor comes to Canada. Yeah!

2006.06.27 - 03:59PM
1: Irresistible Force

Very impressive piece of work, and I echo all of the above praises. Very good job developing your villian. You convey a great deal of necessary information, yet never info-dump. One critique is that your protagonist, far from being a Mary-Sue, doesn't get very much to do here. Her decision to involve herself in the Doctor's business seems a little odd, seeing as she has very little to contribute to his efforts. I'm surprised the Doctor tolerates her tagging along as well as he does!

2006.01.24 - 06:25PM
1: Irresistible Force

That. Was. Stupendous. A really cracking plot, a great OC, and you make the first person/present tense really work for you (which not many do!). Most of all, I think you perfectly capture the Fifth Doctor with this. I think it's probably the most complete fic characterisation of him I've encountered yet: he's absolutely walking off the page. Oh, and the haircut stuff was just adorable! Hope you write more of Fivey!

Author's Response: I\'m really delighted that you think so! Thanks so much for your thoughtful, specific comments.

2005.04.30 - 03:02AM
1: Irresistible Force

This was *lovely* - an interesting villain, a good story, and an OC that wasn't a Mary Sue. I'm off to read your other stories. :)

Author's Response: Thanks very much! I'm especially grateful to hear the "wasn't a Mary Sue" part -- it's always a tricky balance when writing OFC's, and I know tastes vary widely in that respect, so one can never be quite sure one's hit the mark... thanks for the encouraging feedback.

2005.02.14 - 12:37PM
1: Irresistible Force

I have been having a terrifically crap past couple of days, and spent my time toggling to your 'Dr.' stories in between spreadsheets. You have really brightened my mood. Thank you for sharing your stories.