Reviews For The End

2008.10.30 - 02:13PM
1: Chapter 1

Wowie! This is great stuff, with your ideas Doctor Who would never have to end!! I seriously think that you should make this into a series, or at least do some more of the 13th Doctor righting all of his wrongs.

Author's Response: i would love too, i\'m just no good at writing long fics but i probly could

2008.10.16 - 11:49PM
1: Chapter 1

Finally!!! Someone who gives The TARDIS a talking voice. I love the story too. Almost touching. (Sob-sob-sniffle.)

Author's Response: really, i thought smeone else would have done it by now

2008.09.24 - 07:26PM
1: Chapter 1

Nice job. Do you plan to make it just a ONESHOT or do you intend to make more chapters?

Author's Response: thanks, just a ONESHOT, *gives jelly babie*