Reviews For Brilliant Rose

2019.10.27 - 03:49PM
10: Chapter 10 Final Chorus

So lovely! Thank you. ;>))

Author's Response: Thank you so much!!! X

2009.11.25 - 10:13PM
10: Chapter 10 Final Chorus

Oh I loved this. So angsty to begin with and brought a tear to my eye as Ten tells ROse about Nines love for her and how much he had wanted her. I love how you filled in bits and pieces in between scenes from the end of Christmas invasion. About him choosing his clothes and of course creating the tension between Ten and Rose before he asks if she is coming with him. THe ending is lovely with Rose courageously going for it and acting because otherwise Ten never would which of couse results in bliss for both of them. Brilliant Rose yeah but Brilliant Frin too.

Author's Response: Thankyou, seems such a very long tiem ago when I wrote this and he seems to me like a different person all together after WOM... sigh, I think in the New year this is where I am headed... back to nostalgia and burying myself in those good times! Thanks for reading this one, Marg!X

2008.12.27 - 08:03PM
10: Chapter 10 Final Chorus

This is sweet, and I especially like Rose spelling things out at the end! I also like how you incorporate the dialog from the show. Re the song on youtube, my favorite version is Mrs. Cakes video:

Author's Response: Thanks alot...I will have a look at that later!!

2008.10.17 - 05:26PM
10: Chapter 10 Final Chorus

That was brilliant - a great read to come home to!!! Well done.

Author's Response: I loved doing that made me happy!!

2008.10.01 - 02:07AM
10: Chapter 10 Final Chorus

Weellll, Frin Tennant, what can I say? YAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! That was... perfect!!!!! I really, really love it. But, and it's a big but... I don't want it to end....

Author's Response: But...and it\'s a really big\'s got to. You know where this is headed sadly!!! Thankyou for your continued support, Vicky Smith!!!

2008.09.30 - 10:56AM
10: Chapter 10 Final Chorus


Author's Response: You too!!! All over now, sniff!

2008.09.30 - 10:16AM
10: Chapter 10 Final Chorus


Author's Response: I\'m glad you approve!!

2008.09.30 - 10:15AM
10: Chapter 10 Final Chorus


seriously though, this chapter is absolute love!! my smile is a mile wide right now!

Author's Response: THANKYOU VERY MUCH!!! I\'m glad I made you happy!!