Reviews For Brilliant Rose

2008.09.26 - 01:44PM
5: Chapter 5 Verse 4

I like this slow pace but make them kiss already! *rolls eyes* :)

Author's Response: Well, maybe I will, but you`ll have to wait!!!!!!

2008.09.26 - 01:18PM
5: Chapter 5 Verse 4

Oi! Let them hug and kiss at last!

sorry. It's just their dancing around each other and the right questions :) Can't wait for the next chapter. Great story. Keep going.

Author's Response: I like that they aren`t snogging yet!!! Thanks!!!

2008.09.26 - 12:00PM
5: Chapter 5 Verse 4

... by the way, she really is brilliant... and do you know what....

Author's Response: so am I!!!!

2008.09.26 - 11:59AM
5: Chapter 5 Verse 4

oh... that was lovely... can't wait for more!!!!

Author's Response: tomorrow!!!!!!!!