Reviews For Brilliant Rose

2008.09.24 - 05:13PM
3: Chapter 3 Verse 3

Oh poor Doctor. This must be really had for him - talking about himself as if he isn't there. Well now, in a way he isn't, is he??? You can see why Rose was confused. The first Doctor didn't really explain what was happening.
Loving it!!!

Author's Response: Morning reewees!! Thanks for the review!

2008.09.24 - 10:24AM
3: Chapter 3 Verse 3

I'm really enjoying this so far. Very good story. I hope Rose understands soon.
Jenny :)

Author's Response: I think that might be inevitable...Thaks for your kind and enthusiastic comments!

2008.09.24 - 10:13AM
3: Chapter 3 Verse 3

Very good...

Author's Response: ta

2008.09.24 - 10:05AM
3: Chapter 3 Verse 3

Why can't she get it? Even after the clone thing. The Doctor is the Doctor no matter what face he wears.

Author's Response: Yeah, she hasn`t seen a clone thing yet!!

2008.09.24 - 10:00AM
3: Chapter 3 Verse 3

poor doctor! rose still isn't quite getting that it is the same man!

Author's Response: well this is her first time seeing him change...she`s getting there.