Reviews For Brilliant Rose

2008.09.24 - 11:02PM
1: Chapter 1 Verse 1

Hi Frin, of course I am going to be reviewing this - it is my birthday present after all. And what a brilliant present - the best thing anyone has ever given me!!!! :D

Author's Response: Well, that is really touching. Thankyou!!!

Author's Response: Have you heard this song? You can catch it on youtube. Geoff Smith apparently wrote after watching DW! Makes me cry!!

2008.09.24 - 02:12AM
1: Chapter 1 Verse 1

Oh, I really like that. Love the lyrics too! My head is... being messed with tho'.... I'm all time-y wime-y... getting ready for the 25th and the 4 specials next year!!!

Author's Response: Don`t, just don``ll set me off!

2008.09.23 - 05:06PM
1: Chapter 1 Verse 1

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Author's Response: Oh God! You`re everywhere!!!

Author's Response: I don`t mind!!!!!

2008.09.23 - 04:48PM
1: Chapter 1 Verse 1

Yay - I can read it all before I go away. Brilliant birthday pressie. Thanks heaps!!!!

Author's Response: I actually did write it for your birthday but in my haste to put it on forgot to say. If you don`t believe me ask Vicky cos I told her on the phone earlier. I will try to amend!!

2008.09.23 - 03:11PM
1: Chapter 1 Verse 1

Good start! The thing I don't understand is why she's so picky. He isn't her Doctor. The clone wasn't him. It's the same person inside, right?!

Author's Response: Ninewood, this is set after the Christmas invasion just after nine regenerated into ten. Does that make more sense?