2009.08.04 - 07:00PM
20: And Grace Will Lead Me Home

This was wonderfully written, and well done. I loved how well you got into Owen's head.

"Definitely Torchwood" was great, and you had the tarot girl in there as well. Beautiful.

Author's Response: Yeah, Owen\'s head is an interesting place to hang out, especially considering I\'ve got three different versions of him I\'m having to worry about for various fics ATM... ;) Glad you liked it, this has always been one of my own favorites!

2009.01.23 - 09:01PM
20: And Grace Will Lead Me Home

This story is splendid! I don't much like Owen, but you made him sympathetic and even sweet without breaking character (given that we're already in this delightful AU with Andy and Tosh's influence on him). I most definitely love Andy with his anachronistic busking. The story does a great job with the black humor. I'm also impressed at the amount of research that seems to have gone into this.

1918 Torchwood FTW!

Author's Response: *bows* And that was only the research that made it in, never mind some of the blind alleys that had me trying to nail down bizarre details like the invention of refrigeration and the precise date that Cardiff would have got electricity instead of gaslights... The internets are Magic, but not THAT magic. :) (And I\'m probably on my library\'s no-fly list for life.) Just because it\'s fanfic doesn\'t mean ya get to take a pass on doing the homework and Learning Something, eh? ;)

2008.11.12 - 12:40PM
10: Why Don't You Tell Me My Future, Why Don't I Sell You My Soul?

Creepy Tarot Card Girl *AND* Life on Mars reference = WOO.

What the C.T.C.G *said*... not so woo.

Author's Response: Heh, you\'re lucky, coming along after it\'s all posted and there\'s no suspense... ;)

2008.11.12 - 12:35PM
8: No, Ma'am. We're Musicians.


Author's Response: Landlady to the Undead Stars... ;)

2008.11.05 - 04:02PM
20: And Grace Will Lead Me Home

That was beautiful. Absdolutely beautiful. Wodnerful wonderful story. And interesting way of bringing tehm back home, I mean, how many memebrs of Torchwood had been frozen there?! :)

Oh, and love the "they're definitely Torchwood" line(s).

Well done!

Author's Response: Hehehe, the way this fits within the overallAU is that it\'s them in the storage instead of Jack at a certain point... but we haven\'t got to that part yet, so I won\'t risk elaborating more. ;) And yeah, \"They\'re definitely Torchwood\" was fun to write. :)

2008.11.05 - 02:04PM
20: And Grace Will Lead Me Home

Err, is someone going to leave them a note about the fact that Andy is carrying one of the most deadly pathogens in human history around in his body? Like, they need to get a vaccine ready before they unfreeze him.

Author's Response: I\'m sure it\'s been set up so Owen is the only one who can open it... :) (I did try to get into that a bit more explicitly but it ended up disrupting the flow of the story, alas.) Now if I can only get Muse back on track with the main storyline so we can find out more about how this came out... >;)

2008.11.05 - 02:02PM
20: And Grace Will Lead Me Home


Again, dammit! But still in a very, very good way. :)

Author's Response: Yeah, I\'m flat on the floor with Owen by this point... but in a good way. And not a dirty Torchwood way. Alas. :)

2008.11.03 - 12:21PM
19: Tis Grace Has Brought Me Safe Thus Far

Delirious Andy is rather adorable. And I do like Mrs Davies. :)

Author's Response: He remembers who he is and random movie references, but not that there are certain details that might be a little awkward in their current situation, yeah... ;) And if I\'d felt like REALLY making Owen\'s life hell, I could have played up the \'Joan Redfern\' angle more with Mrs Cake, but that would have been a substantially different story, and a hell of a lot longer. Not that we might not find out later that Andy was keeping a diary or something, but Muse\'s work-schedule is pretty damn full at the moment already... >:)

2008.11.03 - 11:44AM
19: Tis Grace Has Brought Me Safe Thus Far

"I'm feeling much better. I think I'll go for a walk"

You are a marvel. But Own better watchout. Jack has all the self control of an avalanche and What with them both being in a weakened state....

Author's Response: Given the evidence that Owen\'s probably seen that movie quite a few times... ;)

2008.11.03 - 09:31AM
18: Captain Jack Harkness

Creu Gwir Fel Gwydr o Ffwrnais Awen... who'd have thunk the nonsense in two languages would do someone a world of good, or in other words - Hooray! Finally Jack came home.

Author's Response: I think Torchwood may just have found its new authentication password for stranded operatives, yeah... ;)

2008.10.31 - 04:23PM
18: Captain Jack Harkness

Oh, and

"Nobody calls my boyfriend a poof,"

Is one of the great lines in this story. Well done.

Author's Response: There is usually one line or image that lodges in my head and FORCES me to write a fic to throw it off of. This line was this fic\'s. :) (In fact, this idea was originally going to be treated as a passing incident in *another* fic, and this line was trying to work its way in *there*. But then it decided it was just too damn big a line for its britches and wanted 16k words of its own for its platform... {sigh})

2008.10.31 - 01:08PM
18: Captain Jack Harkness

Whee! At lest now Owen has someone who will listen. I'm not sure what Jack can do, but I am sure he'll try.

Author's Response: I don\'t think it\'s actually occurred to Owen until this very moment that Jack might NOT be at least de facto in charge of TW at this point... :)

2008.10.31 - 11:51AM
18: Captain Jack Harkness

Snakebite in a kebab shop? Mind you, someone got done for having a corpse in one in Wolverhampton recently.

And of course, it's well before Jack was officially in charge, isn't it?

Author's Response: ...Bloody Torchwood. :) And yeah, Jack doesn\'t exactly even officially WORK there yet, as such... which I don\'t think had occurred to Owen. >:)

2008.10.29 - 04:54PM
17: End Of Days

..... -heartattack-

But so much awwww for that ending!

Author's Response: Creepy Tarot Girl DID say everyone would have a turn to dance, didn\'t she? >;)

2008.10.29 - 11:04AM
17: End Of Days

Look, just because I got into that frenzy of Owen torture over in Gilding the Lily doesn't give you permission to do anything permanent to Andy. I will hunt you down. I am not kidding.

Author's Response: {innocent look} Weeelll, \'permanent\' is apparently relative for *this* Muse, isn\'t it, though... >;)