Reviews For Beyond Human

2008.10.01 - 04:59PM
1: From out of the blue...

Aggghh! You can't leave it there! I'm really enjoying this, and an interesting take on how Donna gets her memories back. Glad to see she's the doctorDonna again, and it's just so Donna to have a filing cabinet for a Tardis! I really do hope you can continue this soon... it's brilliant! Thanks for sharing - you're favourited!! :)

2008.09.08 - 11:54PM
1: From out of the blue...

BAH! Tell me there's more of this. It's a great story, and I love your Eleven. Interesting workaround. I'd love to see more, if it's willing to come out, and given that you've given the chapter a title... *is hopeful*

(Actually, if you've updated something I've previously reviewed and I haven't reviewed the new chapters, I probably accidentally lost the story somewhere. Um. Whack me a PM or something.)