Reviews For Making It Stranger

2013.08.27 - 02:40AM
18: Epilogue

Also here via Calufrax - really enjoyed this, I love a good crossover and this one was inspired!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed.

2013.08.26 - 10:31PM
18: Epilogue

Here from Calufrax for a re-read. Stunning stuff.

Author's Response: Thanks--coming from you that\'s very flattering.

2013.08.26 - 03:06PM
1: Chapter 1

I've been re-reading this story again after too long, and it's just as good as it was the first time around. So, here it is on Calufrax:


Author's Response: Thank you so much! What an unexpected pleasure. I was actually in Cardiff this weekend, feeling wistful about when I wrote this story ...

2010.09.01 - 05:31PM
18: Epilogue

Well done, a very good crossover effort for a supposedly very Bad Dickens (belying your User Name with such talented imagination!).
Please at least consider a sequel, where Torchwood and the Doctor etc could visit Gotham (for suggestive example!), and maybe even perhaps bring in the Justice League as well. But do contemplate one, anyway. Keep up the writing, and all the sincerest best for the remainder of 2010. You inspire others like myself!!

Author's Response: I\'d love to do a sequel, just have to find time and inspiration! Thank you for the review.

2008.10.23 - 01:33AM
18: Epilogue

Fucking amazing!!!!

martha/joker = forever my otp of never will happen ((or will it.... i here by make my request of a martha/joker fic!! please please please!!))

Author's Response: Thanks ... LOL. I\'m not sure what OTP means, but I admit the idea of Martha/Joker is so wrong ... it\'s right! I will consider your request and perhaps I can generate a one-off crossover ...

2008.09.19 - 03:46PM
18: Epilogue

I really enjoyed this - you brought both the Torchwood/Doctor Who characters and Batman and his rogues' gallery vividly to life. The standouts for me were the Joker and Ten, but I really liked your portrayal of Crane/the Scarecrow, one of my favourite characters from the Nolan movies, and I always have a soft spot for Mickey!

Author's Response: Thank you, it\'s great to have that praise and very glad you enjoyed it.

2008.09.19 - 09:46AM
18: Epilogue

This was EPIC. Seriously, amazing job with everything. Your Joker was perfect, especially in the scene where he tames the Weevils. Everyone interacted so well. Wow, I have no words. I need more! Please?

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed it, peachy, and thanks for the kind words. If inspiration strikes I\'ll follow it up!

2008.09.18 - 10:35PM
17: Chapter 17

the original DC universe Joker fell into a chemical vat and it made him crazy. I don't know ANYTHING about the comicsverse, but isn't that what happened in th Tim Burton movie? And I've heard that the aren't accurate at all. That Burton was actually proud of having never read the comics when he wrote the script. (???) Whatever, 'cause, in the end, it doesn't really matter. Many verisons, on legend right? And this is still the best Batman-Doctor Who cross-over I've ever read. (well, the only one I've ever read, but still) AMAZING!

and your author's notes made me laugh. Forgiven you are. lol

Author's Response: Alas, I haven\'t seen the Burton film since I was like 4, so I can\'t comment on that. I haven\'t read the original Bob Kane Joker story but I have read the version in \"The Man Who Laughs\" of the chemical vat origin. Glad you enjoyed. I had waaay too much fun writing it.

2008.09.17 - 04:56PM
16: Chapter 16

I'm still loving this - nice, nasty insight into the Joker's mind and the way in which his madness defies any easy explanations. Also very good renditions of the Who characters - I thought Mickey was especially vivid in this part.

Author's Response: Thanks! Poor Mickey always gets short-shrift.

2008.09.17 - 03:58PM
16: Chapter 16

Doctor, Doctor, not a very good mind to get yoursel trapped in!

Author's Response: Indeed.

2008.09.17 - 02:19PM
16: Chapter 16

'not for her life, but for the life of someone called Harvey' *sniffle*

Author's Response: Indeed! Awww.

2008.09.16 - 04:11PM
15: Chapter 15

oh, this story never fails to make me happy...

Author's Response: High praise indeed! :-D

2008.09.16 - 08:50AM
14: Chapter 14

This is brilliant. I love the way you've written the Joker's speech, all the characters are realistic and I highly enjoy Jack's flirting with Bruce. I can't wait for more.

Author's Response: Great, glad you like it. Jack + Bruce=sweet!

2008.09.15 - 06:03PM
14: Chapter 14

And, with each new chapter, you deliver more awesome heaped on awesome. Joker controlled Weevil zombie-army?? Win.

Author's Response: Aw, thanks.

2008.09.14 - 10:51AM
13: Chapter 13

Loved it - made me LOL a few times, even as you kept up the intensity and sense of threat. For some reason, the Doctor and Crane fighting in the background really amused me. Also loved the earlier part with the Joker taking out the Dalek with the crowbar. Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Excellent, thanks very much. I think I want to draw the Dalek-smashing scene.