Reviews For Universe is cruel

2008.12.26 - 12:22AM
15: Chapter 15

Love how you think. Five, eh? *grins in anticipation*

Author's Response: thank you! well, the nexy chapter of Tangled skein is nearly finished but i have absolutely no time to finish it with exams and everything. Don\'t give up on me though :)

2008.10.01 - 08:47PM
15: Chapter 15

wow..I can't believe it,but you actually made me like River....didn't think that would be possible.
I know this story is coming to an end...sequel??? pretty please? ;)

Author's Response: heh. I\'m glad you like her now :)

2008.10.01 - 08:03PM
15: Chapter 15

'“Better not experiment to find out how’s that possible.” Rose says half-joking.'

Hehe, 'Half-joking', is Rose contemplating murder?

Loving this story, I especially love how you've written River- it seems so spot on. I hope there's more!

Author's Response: Of course she\'s not :) The Doctor would find a way to check this easily by himself. :) Joking

2008.10.01 - 04:41PM
15: Chapter 15

I really like how you've written River, I think this is how she would be had the character been able to be expanded more in the show. I still want 10/Rose love, but as long as there is a happy ending of some sort, I can been happy with that...the universe, after all, is cruel.

Author's Response: thank you. YOu know, i\'ve watched Silence in the LIbrary and Forest of the Dead 3 times altogether in attempt to *feel* her. She\'s amazing. I think I\'ll write more of her afterwards... not in this fic. Maybe a kind of a sequel since this one\'s heading to the end.