Reviews For Universe is cruel

2008.12.26 - 12:08AM
12: Chapter 12

Love it. Love that little girl's initiative. Love the wonderful difference and needs that show the Doctor is not human, and that's an amazing thing. Love connections. Great!

2008.09.28 - 08:30PM
12: Chapter 12

Ooh the suspense... more please!

2008.09.27 - 02:52AM
12: Chapter 12

That was lovely...I just would like to know who the woman was...?

Author's Response: well, it was RIver. WE\'ll see more of her in the next fwe chapters i think

2008.09.27 - 02:28AM
12: Chapter 12

Clever little thing isn't she?
This next bit is going to be interesting- he can't leave Cathy now can he? He's telepathically bonded to her, technically her father.
Update soon x

2008.09.26 - 07:58PM
12: Chapter 12

Oh, this chapter was sweet!
That Cathie is a clever little gal:)
Looking forward to the meeting between the Doctor and Rose next chapter...