Reviews For The Pink Dress

2008.09.11 - 12:59PM
2: Chapter 2

Oh god. this was halarious!!!

2008.08.26 - 11:56AM
2: Chapter 2

Lol not i'm thinking Ianto is sleeping Butie I cant spell and Jack is.... I don't really know prince Charming... but the outfit confuses me.

Author's Response: lol. You\'re right, I can\'t remember the name of this prince \'though. is what I based the outfits off, the Disney play dolls.

2008.08.26 - 11:49AM
2: Chapter 2

Ok so i've only read the first line in this chapter so far and I vote Doc/Rose.

Author's Response: Damn, I should\'ve thought of that! Next time!

2008.08.25 - 10:49PM
1: Chapter 1

I really hope thats not finished.

Author's Response: No, definitely not finished!