Reviews For Time to Heal

2009.05.08 - 12:35AM
1: The pain hurts.

Just been having a mooch and found afew things to take a look at...totally agree, no way would she have been okay with it!!! So sad, stupid Timelord!!!

Author's Response: Mooching is the way you find stuff you like; well, it\'s always worked for me! Stupid Time Lord indeed! xxx

2008.10.26 - 07:56AM
1: The pain hurts.

Aw, poor Rose, she had a really rough time in that episode D= I always like fics that deal with the aftermath of this event, because, like you, I don't think she was as alright with the situation as she was letting on. This was a good interpretation of what could have happened. Nice job 8D

Author's Response: Awww, thanks again Nai. I\'m not too sure on this fic - I think I could\'ve done it better, but I\'m glad you liked the general basis. *hands cookie*

2008.10.10 - 02:15PM
1: The pain hurts.

Interesting story. Nice writing.

Author's Response: Yeah. I had an urge to write something angsty, and this was the result. Not sure if that\'s a good thing or not! Glad you liked it.