2009.08.14 - 12:39PM
8: Act III

Please give us more, before another summer passes!

2009.04.29 - 06:03PM
4: Casting Call

I agree with it all but I have a question, where is the fifth doctor?
I'm not a fan doubling up theseus/oberon and hipolita/titania
you should have had the 5th doctor as Theseus and Leela as Hipolita, just my opinion

Author's Response: I wanted to double them up because that\'s how it was done in Shakespeare\'s time. Otherwise I would totally have used Leela as Hippolyta. But I have some really good lines for Theseus that only work if Jack is saying them

2008.09.18 - 05:15PM
7: Act II

Bravo! Love the part with Jackie! And the tin dog and Arthur. Wish I could hear Jabe and Capt Jack sing the duet! Please hurry with the next act.

2008.09.04 - 05:41PM
6: Act I

You really have chosen good lines. I'm glad you keep the Bard's language and you weave in the Doctor Who references in a subtle way. I like the psychic paper as a love-token, the reference to Croyton, and of course "RUN" from Nine to Rose.
But it still is work to always keep the Who faces in mind. I wish this play could really happen!

Author's Response: A Midsummer Night\'s dream without the Bard is unimaginable, and of course, I had to include \"RUN\". I\'m still working on getting their voices in there.

2008.08.29 - 04:08PM
4: Casting Call

I love the little vignettes of the companions being gathered for the show.
Four has a great presumptive attitude: "Well, Sarah, come along."
I don't know which will be more fun; Reinette as queen of the Amazon, or Reinette as queen of the faires. Either way she'll be beautiful and regal.
I'm glad Danny Llewellyn gets to have some fun with the Doctor, before he is killed by the only alien he ever meets.
Naughty, naughty - I almost feel sorry for Adam. Well not really, SNAP!
Can't wait to see it all pull together in the play!

2008.08.20 - 04:48PM
3: My Doctor

Perfect! Nine and Ten fighting over Rose/Hermia! But will it be the young Sarah Jane or her later self cat-fighting with Rose? "My legs are longer then to run away!"

2008.08.20 - 02:48PM
2: More Doctors

Your story is off to a fun start. I like the line up of Doctors. I love Mid-Summer Night's Dream - it's perfect for Rose and the Doctors. Four/Puck and Six/DonkeyHead - it's too rich! Who gets to be Titania?

Author's Response: Wait and see, just wait and see. *fades mysteriously into the shadows.*

2008.08.20 - 03:27AM
2: More Doctors

nine nine nine nine (with rose) nine nine nine nine nine nine (with rose) nine nine

And then older rose can be all "Why don't i remember this?" and stuff