Reviews For Never Shaken

2012.06.28 - 10:27AM
1: Never Shaken

Oh, that was beautiful! I love the idea of color-coded dresses and the fact that you brought Jackie and Mickey back. That's just perfect.

And another baby! I love it!

2012.02.10 - 10:00PM
1: Never Shaken

That was beautiful (referring to the story and the entire series together)! You worked in the changed Rose so well. The Doctor has certainly changed, too--shockingly romantic and working toward repairing past damages.

It doesn't hurt that Rose/9 is my favorite pairing either. It was great that you started the story from there! ;)

2008.09.21 - 01:53PM
1: Never Shaken

Loved all 3 stories in the series especially the happy ending.

Author's Response: Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the series.

2008.08.06 - 02:13AM
1: Never Shaken

Simply lovely - I do love a happy ending. Mr Moffatt, if you're reading this ( and i sincerely doubt that you will, but nevertheless...) TAKE NOTE! We do NOT want to be scared out of our wits every week - sometimes it's just as effective to give us what we want!!

Author's Response: I\'m sincerely scared of what kind of season he will offer us - he\'s good, if uneven, with one episode or a two-parter, but he\'s proven again and again that he has no reguard for character development and continuity.

Author's Response: Oh, and thank you!

2008.08.06 - 01:04AM
1: Never Shaken

love it..happy,happpy ending, sigh.....

Author's Response: hee :D