2010.06.16 - 02:07PM
2: Chapter 2 : Cominoto Island

Touching and I loved the "When you left me before you had two hearts, so one could break but the other one would still let you get on with your life." line... keep going.

2010.06.16 - 02:03PM
1: Chapter 1: Shall We Dance?

A touching tale and heartwarning and nice bit of technobabble with “Took out the inter-dimensional capabilities, streamlined the workings and sped up the reset time.” Nice work and more please.

2008.11.22 - 09:03AM
1: Chapter 1: Shall We Dance?

Well done! I love the bit of telepathy.

Author's Response: Oh, thank you, that\'s sweet of you. I\'ve taken advantage of a little time off to rewrite parts of both chapters, mostly the first one. (I\'m learning a bit by reading good authors such as yourself.) Thanks for the review.

2008.09.17 - 03:41AM
2: Chapter 2 : Cominoto Island

Just beautiful. Please don't leave it at that though.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. I\'m not going to write more any time soon, which I feel badly about, but I wanted to suggest a story I recently came across that talks about the psychic link and is excellent: The Urge to Fall by Asano.

2008.08.03 - 04:40AM
2: Chapter 2 : Cominoto Island

I hope you`re going to write more. It was a really sweet rendition of their coming together. I really enjoyed it.

Author's Response: Thanks for your comment. I\'m glad you liked it. I have some ideas for more, but I have research to do and I\'m not a quick writer, so it may be a while. Again, thanks for the feedback.