Reviews For Words

2008.08.02 - 05:27AM
1: Chapter 1

Always talking but never saying anything. And yet, never a word wasted. Was it Max Capricorn who said that last bit? He was right.

And in this case, carefully chosen words.

You could see the pain in his eyes when he said it in JE, too. He knew exactly what he was doing.

I want to hug him. Can I hug him?

2008.07.28 - 05:07PM
1: Chapter 1

So sad and so true. Lovely job putting it to words.

2008.07.28 - 03:18PM
1: Chapter 1

Thank you for writing this! I have always believed that this was why he never said it. That and the fact that even though he knows how he feels, if he says it out loud and has to lose her again it becomes and even greater hardship. Even though it is over, what I hope would happen is that Rose would be happy with the other Doctor, but also realize that since they have the same thoughts and memories, exactly what a sacrifice her original Doctor made for her to be happy, and that even though the other one was the one who said the words to her, the original one was the one who felt them, making it possible for the second one to love her in the first place. Does that make any sense at all?

Anyway this is brilliant and I think it meshes in perfectly with the end of the episode. *sniffle* the last line really got me, and I feel like it could have been what he was feeling the last moment of the episode in the Tardis...alone again.

2008.07.27 - 10:49PM
1: Chapter 1

Beautiful. I love the conflict between Rose and the two Doctors. It's so heartbreaking and for some reason I hated Rose at the end of Journey's End. And you're totally right. The Doctor always makes sure the ones he loves are happy and safe, and in so doing, he sacrifices his chances at happiness.
Brilliant job on this.
(Yay, you'll love me forever!)