2008.07.31 - 10:06PM
1: Chapter 1

"Rose, It's me. I'm the Doctor. Look, I'll prove it. Kiss me again and then tell me I'm not the Doctor."

Hey, you're on a roll with kisses; I like it!!
And I also like that part; he's so cheeky!

Got another story up your sleeves?


Author's Response: Thanks for your review. I didn\'t really realize that I had so much kissing going on in all my stories; guess it\'s becoming a bad habit. It\'s going to be a while until my next story, because it wouldn\'t work with short chapters, but I promise it will be worth the wait

2008.07.26 - 01:07PM
1: Chapter 1

Ooh, I love this. The TARDIS song, and the two kisses. Very sweet.