Reviews For Time Lord Boi

2006.03.06 - 01:35PM
1: disturbing eh?

bloody wonderful

2005.12.21 - 04:14AM
1: disturbing eh?

Fantastic! He ran off to have sex with a tree! (Know the feeling!) Kept me laughing and my Dog wondering what's gotten into me, and my dad, but that's not as cute.

2005.11.14 - 10:41AM
1: disturbing eh?

We want more! (Cadao and AnAncientSpirit) We both laughed out loud - great stuff!

2005.08.30 - 04:01AM
1: disturbing eh?

I actually like Avril (nobody hurt me) so i thought this was majorly funny. I couldn't get the tune right though.

2005.07.15 - 07:36AM
1: disturbing eh?

Can't stand Skater Boy, can't stand Avril full stop, but I gotta admit, this one cracked me up.

2005.05.10 - 04:32AM
1: disturbing eh?

*giggles* I hate Avril, but that song is good to parody.

2005.05.10 - 02:16AM
1: disturbing eh?

Evil and funny

2005.05.09 - 11:51PM
1: disturbing eh?

Well you made me laugh. I think it's well done.