Reviews For Timing

2009.08.29 - 09:15PM
1: Chapter 1

Just wanted to say I really enjoyed reading "Timing." Katarina has never received enough attention (on-screen and in fandom) and I loved your insights into her character via Steven. This was a lovely piece of writing!

2008.07.26 - 01:07PM
1: Chapter 1

I'm not familiar with her, but Steven was always just a marvelous fellow - sounds like she would have been a fine match.

Author's Response: Steven is entirely marvelous and Katarina had a lot of potential. *sighs for lost opportunities* Thanks for reading!

2008.07.25 - 11:01PM
1: Chapter 1

I know next to nothing about Katrina, only enough to want to give her, and Steven a big hug and shove them into a special parallel universe where nothing bad happens.

Author's Response: I don\'t know much more even after listening to both her serials, but she\'s incredibly kind and thoughtful and doesn\'t scream. She would have made a great Companion if only they\'d developed her more before killing her off. Thanks for reading!

2008.07.25 - 07:04PM
1: Chapter 1

This is just lovely - thanks for writing it, I am so glad to see any Katarina-related fic, and this is really nicely done. :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much, both for reading and for the kind review.